User Psychology: Why is it important for successful ERP implementation?

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Fudgelearn‘s first webinar of the year took place on 31st January with Tony Cook (Fudgelearn’s CEO/Founder), Shelley Harper-Lee (Fudgelearn’s Senior ERP Trainer), and Nick Rowley (Management Consultant) from our partner, Hitachi Digital Services.

We have sectioned the webinar into 5 easy-to-watch videos that discuss change communication, deliver effective training, and explain how user psychology can aid in engaging end-users for successful user adoption.

The webinar offered a different perspective on how we can support end-users during ERP implementations. Specifically, their way of working through changes and how they can lead to “change anxiety”. We share how companies can implement different strategies using user psychology. This can help to understand their fear and the best way to tackle it.

We sectioned the Webinar into 3 main parts: Engagement, Perception, and Adoption. Additionally, we discussed how to connect change communication and how important it is to reassure end-users throughout the new change.

If your organization is undergoing transformation, please contact us here – we have the resources and expertise to ensure your ERP implementation runs smoothly so that no users are left behind!

Watch the Psychology Webinar Playlist