Webinar: AI for ERP Bank Connectivity: The Good, The Bad and The Scary

woman at desk with laptop

Thursday, June 6 2024

11:00AM EDT

Payments fraud continues to be a threat to business leaders and advances in technology are only making it harder to prevent. Executives are challenged to stay vigilant in order to stay one step ahead of fraudsters but are unsure the best way to protect themselves and what steps to take.

Join our session with Kyriba to hear from the experts on key issues like:

  • What are my risks?
  • How do I protect my payments processes and workflows?
  • How do I secure the payment journey?

Walk away from this session knowing how connecting payments data in real-time is key to preventing fraud Identify where you can benefit from technologies like APIs and AI in protecting your payments journey.


Bob Stark | Head of Product Marketing at Kyriba

Steven Otwell | Director of Connectivity and Payments at Kyriba

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