Webinar: Spring Clean Your ERP Data: Strategies for Reporting Excellence

Presented by Splash BI

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Spring Clean Your ERP Data: Strategies for Reporting Excellence

Join Kiran Pasham, Co-founder and Chief Architect, and Graham Spicer, Country Head UK, EMEA & Asia Pac Oracle Alliance Ambassador, in a transformative exploration of ERP data optimization. This structured panel session, led by pioneers in the field, delves deep into the art and science of refining your ERP data landscape. Participants will embark on a journey through advanced data management strategies, drawing on Kiran and Graham’s extensive experience and visionary approaches to:

  • Advanced Data Hygiene Principles: Unpack the critical role of pristine data in enhancing reporting accuracy and operational agility. Kiran and Graham will share their philosophy on maintaining data integrity and its cascading effect on organizational success.
  • Mastering Reporting Challenges: Navigate the complex terrain of data integration, security, and dynamic reporting with proven strategies that address the heart of common obstacles, directly from the minds shaping the future of ERP systems.
  • Multi-cloud ERP challenges – Customers are going best-of-the-breed approach and acquiring multiple cloud ERPs for different business functions. Though each system gives basic reporting it does make it challenging to do the cross-application reporting.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: Discover how leveraging clean data can unlock new dimensions of strategic decision-making with insights that bridge the gap between data and strategic goals.
  • Seamless Integrated Reporting: Tackle the challenges of integrating reporting capabilities with forward-thinking solutions that redefine what’s possible in ERP systems.
  • The Shift to Automation: Embrace the transition from manual to automated report generation, focusing on cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that streamline processes.
  • Selecting the Optimal Solution: Dive into a nuanced discussion on overcoming the limitations of conventional reporting software, guided by leaders who have been at the forefront of software evolution.

This session is an unparalleled opportunity for ERP professionals seeking to leverage the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders to revolutionize their reporting processes and data management practices.



Kiran Pasham

President, Chief Architect, & Co-Founder, SplashBI



Graham Spicer

Director, Country Head of UK, EMEA & Asia and Oracle Alliance Ambassador, SplashBI


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