Bang for your cluck – how SplashBI helped revolutionize Chick-fil-A’s operational reporting

A close up of a chicken burger sitting on top of a chick-fil-a takeout bag | Chick-fil-A SplashBI

Chick-fil-A has been a fast food market staple with Americans since 1946, with over 3000 locations in 48 states. Regularly having to enter the ring with the likes of burger monarchies and golden-arched clowns, the Chick-fil-A board realized the need for innovation if they wanted to stay afloat in perpetually turbulent times for restaurants.

Chick-fil-A needed a robust, future-proof solution for their EBS operational reporting. So the fried-chicken magnate chose SplashBI to help update its system, as the previous legacy system would be incompatible with modern tech and unable to receive any further Oracle support.

The challenge was integrating a new system with minimal disruption to daily operations which made SplashBI, with experience dealing with larger-scale companies, the vendor of choice for the task.

A transition smoother than scrambled eggs

The transition from the old systems to the new was quick and non-disruptive. Brent Bolton, 22-year Chick-fil-A veteran and senior analyst, said:

SplashBI did a great job – we gave them the keys, they came in and installed it and prepared it all for us, they helped us migrate very smoothly.”

SplashBI adapted the system in a way that the old and new could perform in parallel with each other, benefitting a lot of users as it allowed them to move at their own pace. The hands-on approach that SplashBI used helped shoulder the burden off Chick-fil-A’s own IT team. The SplashBI team migrated approximately 70 custom reports to the newer tech, allowing Chick-fil-A to shift their workers’ productivity somewhere more useful.

That’s how SplashBI’s hands-off turnkey solution made the migration from old to new smooth and effective.

The results cluck for themselves

Through SplashBI’s knowledge of Oracle software, Chick-fil-A achieved what they aimed for: improved data accuracy, streamlined reported processes and valuable insights that could help drive the chain restaurant forward.

The new system proved to be intuitive for users – they were able to seamlessly adopt the new system, with leadership informed of progress throughout the process. At the end, Bolton was satisfied with SplashBI’s implementation and work ethic:

“It’s hard to believe that when somebody says turnkey it’s really going to be that easy. I was impressed. To have SplashBI come in and upgrade these reports and move us along and get us to the version – it was pretty seamless.”