bot solutions start conversations on the SAP Store

woman sitting at laptop using a chatbot to set an OOO | SAP solution has announced the launch of its generative AI-powered ChatBots and Voicebots solution for customer and employee experience automation on the SAP Store.

The new offering will enable enterprises to leverage Dynamic Automation Platform in order to deliver autonomous, human-like experiences to its customers and employees.

Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform using SAP Integration Suite, Customer Experience (CX) integrates with SAP Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CRM Sales and SAP CRM Service Manager. Meanwhile, Employee Experience (EX) integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

Available on the SAP Store for a free trial, the ChatBots and VoiceBots solution for CX can help enterprises implement at scale, improve efficiency by lowering call deflection rate, improve customer experiences with Dynamic AI agents for text and voice and automate inbound and outbound campaigns.

The EX solution enables enterprises 24/7 multilingual support across channels, effective resolution of queries with AI-enabled agents, elevated employee engagement with personalized solutions and smarter employee initiatives with advanced analytics.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and co-founder,, said: “Leveraging multi-LLM architecture, our generative AI-powered Dynamic Automation Platform is helping enterprises redefine how they connect with both customers and employees, giving them a competitive advantage and valuable ROI at scale. Handling over 2 billion interactions every quarter,’s Dynamic AI agents for chat and voice support more than 135 languages across over 35 channels such as telephony, Alexa, the Web, WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging and Facebook.

“Our Dynamic AI agents can enable businesses to automate customer functions through our Conversational Service Cloud and Conversational Commerce Cloud product suites, while our Conversational EX Cloud delivers round-the-clock support with self-serve automation to address all day-to-day employee queries at scale. With our solutions, we are delivering human-like experiences, achieving over 90 percent automation within 30 days with 60 percent reduced operational cost.”