Alation cloud service for Snowflake is a data catalog leapfrog

Enterprise data intelligence company Alation Inc has launched its eponymously named Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake. 

Snowflake calls itself the data cloud company, but we know the firm for its SaaS-based data warehouse, data lake, data engineering, data science, data marketplace and data application development technologies – and, overarchingly then, therefore, for its data cloud.

We also know Snowflake for its Native Application Framework, a software application developer-focused platform solution designed to give programmers a means of managing developer workflows and tasks associated with building, monetizing and deploying data-intensive applications.

Alation’s interest in forging its partnership with Snowflake is designed for departments and organizations of all sizes to start cataloging data on Snowflake’s platform. 

Avoid governance stubbornness

The package is said to make data governance easier and more accessible, enabling organizations to start small, flexibly expand by adding data connectors, users and data objects and support use cases like cloud data migration for less than $100k. 

“We’re increasingly seeing organizations of all sizes become serious about data-driven innovation and building a data culture. To help organizations looking for an affordable entry option, we created Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake to empower anyone to find trusted, quality data. Optimized for Snowflake, this edition provides a great way to start the data cataloging journey,” said Raj Gossain, chief product officer at Alation.

The new Alation Cloud Service package sits on top of Alation’s cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture and includes deep Snowflake integrations that deliver active data governance. 

Data visibility possibilities

Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake empowers Alation and Snowflake’s joint customers to identify their most valued data, make trusted data visible and actionable to all data consumers and ensure the data is used properly.

“Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake is a great option for any enterprise beginning their data cataloging journey,” said Sunny Bedi, CIO and CDO, Snowflake. 

Bedi suggests that Alation’s deep data governance integration with Snowflake and self-service analytics capabilities makes it fast and easy to use and govern critical data stored in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

“Organizations start their data cataloging journeys in different ways. But they all have one thing in common – the need to find, understand and govern data, easily,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “Data catalogs provide the technology to simplify the creation of and access to analytical content and provide collaboration and governance capabilities for that content to make it more trustworthy and broadly available.”

Alation Data Catalog automatically ingests metadata and then combines machine learning and human curation to make metadata more intelligent and useful. This powers comprehensive search and discovery of trusted data and sets the foundation for specific features below.