Arribatec becomes one of the first partners in Unit4 Marketplace


Arribatec has unveiled that it has become one of the first partners in the Unit4 Marketplace, after its launch this week.

The Arribatec eSigning Solution app has become one of the first apps to be featured in the new Unit4 Marketplace and allows users of Unit4 ERP7 and ERPx to sign their documents via YouSign electronically and store them in their Unit4 solution.

The move follows Arribatec’s joining of the Unit4 Partner Developer Program, better known as Developer4U, in 2021, in a bid to increase its ability to develop highly customized ERP solutions within the Unit4 framework.

William García, head of development at Arribatec, said: “We like to create add-ons or products based on our customers’ real needs and expectations. We know then that they will always be the best products for the customers because they address real pains, not just what we think the customer will need.”

Two further innovative solutions for the Unit4 Marketplace are currently being developed by Arribatec, which will be available in the coming months. One of these developments will see the integration of the eSigning Solution with DocuSign.

“Arribatec considers the Unit4 Marketplace a crucial turning point in how Unit4 ERP products and add-ons are acquired and deployed. It provides a smooth and powerful model to extend your ERP with ready to go apps that provide great business benefits and solve common integration needs,” García continued.

“We expect a significant growth of the Marketplace adoption in the months to come and are excited to embrace the model and be part of this journey. With its broad international presence and highly competent and experienced staff, Arribatec is determined to continue being a key player in the Unit4 Marketplace by continuous development of valuable apps in close dialog with final customers.”

To check Arribatec’s add-ons catalog for Unit4, visit this link.