Arribatec ERP Portals make Unit4 easier for your light-touch users


Making ERP systems easy to use for all users is something that system admins and managers have been trying to achieve for decades and, by using Arribatec and ERP Apps’ Portals, inputting information into the system has never been easier. Learn more at Arribatec ‘s webinar on Wednesday 2nd November.

‘The easier we can make Unit4 for all of the users, the better’. Adam Davies started ERP Apps back in the autumn of 2019 with a simple mission; ‘Unit4 is a good solution, it works perfectly well. But for some users it can be too much, especially people inputting simple data’. After working with ERP software for 14 years, Adam had seen that for most users, Unit4 wasn’t a problem but that there were opportunities to make the processes quicker and easier. Working with Arribatec, these solutions have been installed in systems across the UK.

‘Everyone we’ve showed it to have loved it’

ERP Portal was the first product that Adam created; a simple and straightforward Web based portal works on any device with a modern browser that works with standard business world functions such as Workflows and Document Archive. ‘I wanted to make something that anyone could use and that would be really quick to implement. Everyone I’ve show it to have loved it and have wanted to know how to get it working’.

One of the main elements that people praise is how adaptable the system is. ‘It’s almost infinitely brandable, people won’t even know they’re inputting data into Unit4.’ The portal can be branded with your own logos, fonts and colours which adapt as users navigate between their clients. You can also embed the frames within your website for a seamless user experience without the need to open new windows, reducing the number of actions required to complete a task.

The portals were coded and built by Adam and his team, but implementing them onto a customers system is a very easy and painless process, with it taking only a few days to integrate and brand, meaning almost no down time for the customer and an immediate improvement in engagement.

‘It’s always learning and making the whole process quicker’

AI OCR is another flagship product, a system that uses Rossum AI to read invoice documentation and automatically input the key information into Unit4 Invoicing. ‘It’s always learning and making the whole process quicker. If it can’t find the information it’s looking for it can learn where to look in future and the artificial intelligence gets smarter’. The portal achieves up to 95 percent accuracy within 30 days from regular processing and captures data 6 times faster than manual data entry, for a 97 percent reduction in keystrokes.

Arribatec and ERPS Apps have two new products due for release and will be showcasing them at the webinar on Wednesday 2nd November; one designed to automate the onboarding checks and processes for new customers and suppliers, and a data portal that’s designed to improve engagement with RCP systems for light touch users.

Learn more about how Arribatec and ERP Apps’ Portals can save time and reduce stress for your business, click here to book your place at the free webinar on Wednesday 2nd November, or click here for more information.