Avvale AI solution wins first runner-up at SAP Hackathon

Avvale has participated in the 2023 SAP Hackathon and won first runner-up for its Project Manager Dashboard (PM Dashboard) solution. The global consultancy sent its Data and Analytics team to the annual developing competition where they utilized feedback from SAP customers as motivation to create its winning solution.

The Hackathon gives SAP customer teams a space to explore the potential of AI within the SAP world. The 2023 SAP Hackathon brought together technology enthusiasts, developers and innovators who worked together to find solutions to real-world challenges.

PM Dashboard is designed to address these challenges, specifically for project managers who don’t have full access to their data until the end of the month and have a lack of visibility due to data spread across multiple platforms rather than within one unified solution.

With this in mind, Avvale’s Data and Analytics team developed PM Dashboard using SAP’s Digital Boardroom feature within SAC and SAP Datasphere to provide single-sourced data and make it consumable now rather than waiting until the end of the month.

This solution allows project managers to access their data in real-time and all in one place, saving valuable time. Managers and employees have access to the same data, reducing errors and increasing return on investment.

Though a simple concept, Avvale achieved first runner up at SAP Hackathon because its PM Dashboard solution solved a problem that understood what real projects managers struggled with the most. The Data and Analytics team who conceptualized, developed and won for this solution, commented on their experience at SAP Hackathon 2023.

Enrique Ortiz, said: “We are already competitive as a team; we work really hard, and this new experience motivated us to push ourselves. Being around other teams shed light on new perspectives and also reinforced our own. We were really proud to see the value of our solution shine.”

Linh Tran, said: “We were the last to present in the competition and there were a lot of complex solutions ahead of us using SAP and non-SAP technology to solve intricate business problems. I think we had a lot of confidence in our solution because it’s a tried-and-true solution. It’s been tested at not just one but multiple clients and I think that really inspired us.”

Shashank Paritala, said: “After we got first runner-up, we joked that we were by far the simplest solution. But I think we were so successful because of the story we told– because this story exists and is so prevalent. We wanted to provide utility for a real-world business case.”