Axelor to release BI, Connect and Template products in Q1 release

An abstract picture of blue, electronic fibre lines reaching their way across a vertical, metal surface | Axelor Q1

Low-code vendor Axelor has announced the upcoming release of three new products slated for Q1 2024; Axelor BI, Axelor Connect and Axelor Template. The Q1 releases will focus on business intelligence, automated app connections and automated document generation capabilities.

Currently in the late phase of development, Axelor has said it has designed the products to integrate well into any ERP solution.

Axelor BI is the first of the three and focuses on business intelligence, with the product set to help users explore and visualize their data precisely in real-time. The platform looks to empower both experts and novices to intelligently analyze data via a modern interface for informed decision-making. Axelor hopes that the showcase of data will encourage users to create and customize their own dashboards and reports.

The second of the releases, Axelor Connect, is another no-code feature that will work to simplify the automation of connections between applications. With the creation of workflows and connections between apps accessible to all, the French vendor hopes the release will free up users’ time for more strategic tasks. Axelor has said that a good level of flexibility will be ensured through over 1500 integrated connectors and the ability to connect applications via APIs.

The last of the scheduled releases for Q1 is a module that seeks to help in the creation of custom document templates, Axelor Template. This final product is another streamlining feature, rapidly generating documents such as contracts, quotes, invoices, marketing collateral and legal documents.

Axelor has said the Q1 2024 release slate is to strengthen its existing offering, with the low-code vendor reaching the conclusion that, with an increasing prevalence of digital transformations among businesses, real-time data visibility from any location is set to be an indispensable feature.

“These solutions will empower companies to enhance efficiency and productivity in managing their business processes. We proudly position ourselves as pioneers; Axelor stands out as the first to seamlessly integrate such innovative solutions, ensuring a continuous commitment to innovation and staying ahead of market demands,” said Laith Jubair, CEO, Axelor.

Since the launch of Axelor in 2016, the platform has worked on making a name for itself by offering extensive customization options that some other service providers don’t currently provide in the low-code and ERP space, aiming to facilitate conversions of business processes into practical business applications.