Cloud migration made all the easier with Oracle Cloud Migration Services

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Migrating from older systems across to the shiny and new is an unfortunate necessity for business and digital transformations. It’s certainly not as glamorous as other aspects of a transformation, but still causes a headache for many IT teams. However, there are better ways you can go about migrating your data from legacy systems – you just need the right tool to help.

Oracle applications are versatile and a useful commodity – perfect for futureproofing any organization. However, at some point down the line, a service provider could choose to no longer support a certain product, in which case it will be up to you to maintain an out-of-date system or migrate to something fresh, like cloud services.

The best business decisions are backed up by the right expertise and knowledge. Accelalpha consultants are familiar with Oracle EBS and JDE cloud migration – able to provide advice on which app would be best suited for your business needs and just what the positive implications could be.

The migration to cloud shouldn’t be too hard of a decision to make once the benefits are made clear. Cloud services are accessible almost anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection – meaning a company is no longer limited by its locale. Depending on what kind of cloud computing you choose, your organization will no longer need their own servers or hardware to run your systems, reducing operating costs to a monthly fee for the cloud service instead.

Accelalpha evaluates your business to determine the exact type of digital transformation your company needs – while also guaranteeing that your new apps will continue being supported by Oracle. The changes recommended will make sure functionality isn’t lost to your users while the migration is in progress.

With a cloud migration roadmap that includes all the important milestones, and the correct advice and knowledge provided to your specific needs, it should be an easy choice to choose Accelalpha as a guide on your digital transformation journey.