Civil Nuclear Constabulary accelerate Oracle Cloud go live with Quite Laterally and Namos


The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is the armed police force responsible for protecting civil nuclear sites and nuclear materials in England and Scotland, and is governed by the Civil Nuclear Police Authority.

Deploy, pay and support

In October 2021, the CNC chose to part ways with a Multi-Force Shared Service (MFSS), to tender for a standalone solution and associated integrations. The hope was to complete a seven-month-long project to improve its Business People and Support System (BPSS) to better deploy, pay and support CNC officers and staff.

A key challenge was ‘copying’ the shared service build and balancing the changes needed with the tight timeline. The CNC chose an Oracle Cloud solution and partnered with Quite Laterally and Namos to undertake the program management and migration of ERP, EPM, HCM Cloud and associated integrations.

Moving from a shared service

When making the shift, internal and external resources to bring product, project and ‘business as usual’ knowledge was important, as well as change management including process mapping, communication and training, to aid the understanding and engagement of end users.

With Quite Laterally and Namos, the CNC team could define governance and responsibilities up front, ensuring project resources and board members had clear direction and support and were passionate about succeeding.

The outcomes for the CNC

Due to the successful delivery of the BPSS Program, CNC has now bought its finance, HR and procurement activities back in house. This includes multiple key integrations into payroll and the Crown records management system (DMS), solutions for recruitment and talent, and the EPM solution. Additionally, Crown DMS was upgraded, payroll was handed across to CGI Managed Services and a new solution to travel management was delivered using ApEx.

The fundamental success factor in the project was the ‘One Team’ ethos across Namos, Quite Laterally and the CNC. Ensuring that the project was on time, in budget and delivering for the CNC was rightfully challenging, but also successful with the right teamwork in place. The CNC supported its staff with communications and change management and Quite Laterally and Namos supported the project team with the right consultants, delivering a proven methodology to strive and reach success.

Duncan Worsell, chief superintendent at the CNC said: “The CNC has a no-fail critical mission in protecting UK security. The implementation of BPSS was the largest, most complex and time-critical non-operational challenge that the Constabulary has ever faced. Initially, its realization seemed unachievable and unlikely. Nonetheless, an effective partnership brought the required technical skills, a willingness to help us learn on our journey, and a blend of effort, passion and leadership. Together we delivered a truly unique success. As a senior police officer it is rewarding to discover that, beyond public service in the for-profit world of commerce and contracts, there is still a place for trust.”