Conexiom: connecting SAP users with email invoicing automation

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SAP users are experiencing an automation revolution. With the push towards cloud deployment becoming more conflated with ERP innovation, companies are quickly realizing that without automated systems their migrations can become unnecessarily complex – leading to costly errors and delays.

Now more than ever, businesses are cleaning up their data and choosing to start by automating their accounts payable and invoice processing systems to clear the path for future innovation.

But companies don’t always have the time or resources to assess whether technology such as e-invoicing, OCR or vendor web-portals could ease the burden of what can sometimes be thousands of emailed invoices that need to be manually keyed into their ERP system.

These companies would benefit from finding a solution that has all the automation tools in one place and, importantly, is cloud-based.

Conexiom is a platform that is specifically designed to transform these email-based sales orders and invoices into EDI-like digital transactions to reduce manual data entry and errors.

Offering its solution, AP Invoice Automation, Conexiom is an example of a platform that SAP users with similar manual invoicing problems can seek out to help drive their automation transformations.

AP Invoice Automation captures incoming emails, credit supplier invoices and automatically posts them into a company’s system. The process has a 100 percent accuracy rate because it is cloud based – meaning there are no servers to buy or software to install, and it downloads directly into already established SAP ERP systems.

Custom process configuration and advanced AI algorithms eliminate manual processing, process inefficiencies and processing errors, while invoice automation software increases productivity by 80 percent so companies can gain 5X as many early payment discounts.

While platforms like Conexiom can provide this automation service to companies who are looking to begin their future innovation strategies, what really makes a difference is finding a cloud-based solution like this one that can be easily implemented into SAP systems. This is a critical factor that can set companies up for success before cloud implementation altogether.