Empowering midsize companies for competitive growth

Businessman explaining line graph to his coworker. Midsize Empowering Competitive Growth

In today’s fast-changing world, midsize companies find themselves facing significant challenges to stay competitive and grow profitably. As a result, these organizations are under immense pressure to undergo digital transformation around their ERP processes.

If they want to thrive, midsize companies must venture beyond conventional strategies, be ready to scale for growth, embrace innovative business models and explore new lines of revenue.

The ability to be agile and pivot has now become a critical factor for success. This was
highlighted in a recent IDC survey where when asked how the move to new ERP will impact business outcomes, the top answers were to become digitally enabled, improve customer experience and improve agility.

What is driving this digital transformation?

Companies today are faced with challenges from all angles. We are faced with geopolitical,
environmental and economic challenges everywhere we look. Whether its a war abroad,  forest fires at home, in Canada, floods in Italy, inflation or rising energy costs across the world, the constant pressure is on for businesses to be more resilient and agile.

Wherever in the world you go, almost every business leader has the same reasons to transform their business.

Leaders are looking to increase business agility in order to respond to change and continue driving innovations while identifying new business models and revenue streams. They will want to increase efficiencies and optimize resources by improving visibility and leveraging automation, AI and other technologies. Additionally, it is important to be able to scale and expand the business while managing costs and complexity.

Sound familiar?

What do midsize businesses need?

In every growth company there comes a time when the current processes just aren’t keeping up and they need to pivot to a more scalable, more capable and more reliable solution.

To be able to achieve these goals, companies are looking to the Cloud for the answer.
Cloud solutions enable you to leverage industry-best practices, proven tools and methodology to get up and running at a speed that will enable a rapid return on their investment.

Agile organizations need to be underpinned by a system that will grow with them. To fuel their growth they will benefit from automated processes to get work done quicker and at a higher quality. Embedded analytics, process flows and real time visibility into the total business performance enables decision makers to steer the business towards achieving their goals.

Only then are they able to deliver new sustainable business models, identify best practices and areas of improvement and empower innovation.

What are the benefits?

When you digitally transform through a Cloud ERP solution that supports current industry standards you are able to get up and running quickly, with very little dependency on IT. You have an innovation platform that enables business agility to define business processes and rapidly build, integrate and collaborate across the organization.

A SaaS model helps you meet your business and budget needs, while enabling business continuity and minimizing disruptions. It puts you in a position to scale, innovate and enable continued business growth.

To learn more, click here to join a webinar where IDC’s Mickey North Rissa, MOD Pizzas’ Tara Gambill, and SAP’s Lauren Hussum will discuss how midsize companies can digitally transform and GROW with SAP.