ERP needs smarter (than the average bear) code testing

It’s a simple enough truism to state.

People (by which we mean C-suite managers, systems-level software engineering professionals and plain old users) think that ERP systems are generally large-scale robust systems that have a highly robust degree of strength and resilience.

Largely, that assumption holds water. But in working practice, there are many fragilities and uncertainties that can impact the health and wealth of an operational system at any one time.

Aiming to address this space with a series of ERP-centric updates to its software development and quality tools offerings this year is SmartBear.

A codeless mobile test 

The company’s TestComplete is a User Interface (UI) test automation tool that allows users to create a codeless mobile test and then use these tests in BitBar (it’s its native mobile device cloud) across devices. 

TestComplete increases support for testing enterprise ERP-centric applications including Salesforce, Oracle EBS and SAP. 

“Organisations can’t afford any downtime from ERP updates, but manual testing is very tedious. Traditional test automation tools require too much effort to scale and prove ROI. TestComplete allows everyone, from a business analyst to an automation engineer, to easily automate testing ERP applications,” said Prashant Mohan, director of product management at SmartBear.

The company insists that the growth of enterprise applications necessitates the need to introduce test automation to introduce efficiencies and timely deployment. 

Any app, any browser

With the new integration with BitBar and CrossBrowserTesting, business analysts can ensure that their mission-critical business applications like SAP and Salesforce work as expected across all browsers and devices.

“With a distributed workforce, it’s important that your ERP applications work across browsers and devices. It’s not uncommon for your sales team to use your CRM mobile app in the field. With TestComplete, you can simply create one test and then scale that test across different browsers and devices in the cloud, ensuring you have coverage however your ERP apps are accessed,” said SmartBear’s Mohan.

By scaling tests across several browsers and devices with a limited number of clicks and testing complex applications such as SAP and Salesforce, the company claims that TestComplete provides a complete platform for automated testing of every application type.

Non-technical users and what are now being called ‘citizen testers’ can now use this technology to access device labs in the cloud, making them more efficient and able to do more with the time that they have for testing.