I’m looking for a ‘plan’ in finance: Mastering the art of liquidity management

liquidity management finance

Managing finances these days isn’t just about balancing the books and keeping the taxman happy. Whether you’re steering a big corporation or a smaller company on the rise, CFOs and treasurers are constantly wrestling with a major headache – what some are calling the Liquidity Gridlock. This simply means dealing with scattered financial data across different systems, which makes it a real pain to predict cash flow accurately and stay on top of financial risks.

Trying to solve this headache are companies like Kyriba, a provider of advanced liquidity management solutions for ERP systems and AI-driven analytics – which is aiming to address these risks with its Liquidity Performance Platform.

This particular platform provides an all-in-one solution for managing cash flow and liquidity, offering real-time visibility and control across global accounts. The platform helpfully integrates seamlessly with over 1,000 global banks and connects with major ERP systems to streamline financial processes.

So how does this integrate with your already established ERP systems? Let’s take SAP for example; Kyriba offers integration with SAP to enhance the functionality of SAP ECC and S/4HANA cloud platforms.

Kyriba’s integration toolkit includes an SAP-certified ABAP add-on to simplify the setup and ensures that data extracts and transmissions are pre-built and tested. This results in accelerated implementation and reduced risk during connectivity projects.

Kyriba will be hosting a webinar to show users the platform in action. Set for Friday, July 19, 2024, at 2:00 PM EST, attendees will get a chance to learn how Kyriba plans to integrate global banking data, ERP systems and top-notch financial analytics into one unified tool. Tools like this could turn your liquidity management from reactive to proactive.

Led by director of presales at Kyriba, Thomas Gavaghan, at the upcoming webinar you will see first-hand how the platform works with ERP systems of all shapes and sizes and across all industries.

Lock in your spot at Liquidity Performance Demo (on24.com)