Infor and Project 3 Mobility support European urban mobility project

Top down view of a busy highway over a park in suburban China | Infor and P3

Infor has announced it has completed the first two stages of a multi-tenant cloud ERP deployment at Project 3 Mobility (P3), a Croatian mobility company.

Selected from a short list that included SAP and IFS, Infor CloudSuite Automotive is to underpin the Croatian start-up firm, which has recently secured €179.5m in funding for its project. P3, part of Croatia’s Rimac Group, is to build autonomous electric vehicles to increase mobility services in urban environments for the European market.

Prioritizing user experience and personalization is a main focus of P3’s proposition for the project, and Infor’s credentials and out-of-the-box functionality made them the first choice for the mobility services firm.

P3 has now gone live with finance and procurement processes in Croatia and the UK, after a migration of balances, open invoices and budgets from its legacy tech environment. It follows the successful go-live for human resource capabilities earlier this year. The next stage of the project will see P3 to deploy Infor CloudSuite Automotive’s manufacturing capabilities as soon as the factory is built.

“P3 is one of the most exciting developments in our modern way of living in an increasingly digital age. Boldly, P3 will revolutionize mobility services in the European Union and we are proud to support such a sustainable venture,” said Andrew Kinder, SVP of industry strategy at Infor.

Lee Clayton, head of IT at P3, said: “Infor stood out based on its dedication, commitment and ethos, and we were impressed with the breadth of expertise, and the professionalism of the consultants involved. Its partnership approach, flexibility and experience of our industry and our project goals and the necessary flexibility that comes with working with both start-ups and scale-ups was invaluable, and the expertise the team has brought to the project so far has been impressive.”

CEO of P3, Marko Pejković said: “We are developing a whole new ecosystem for urban autonomous mobility that consists of three key elements: the urban autonomous vehicle, specialized infrastructure and a complete service platform. The realization of our project will increase efficiency and safety in traffic and will achieve a positive impact on the environment and city infrastructure. We are convinced that this project will create significant benefits for Zagreb, where we will launch our first service, and numerous other European cities that are following.”