Infor entices devs with new Developer Portal and Program

A laptop open with coding across the screen, the laptop is on a table with a yellow mug and a small plant in the background | developer portal Infor

Infor has announced the launch of its new Developer Program and Developer Portal, both of which are designed to give devs the information and tools they need to build on top of Infor cloud systems.

The Infor Developer Portal includes several different aspects, like 50+ specific tutorials to help developers assemble solution components and a library of APIs. The Developer Portal directly links to the Info YouTube channel and also offers options for Infor U courses, essentially centralizing a lot of Infor’s instructional content. Product documentation, developer forums and best-practice guides are also in the portal.

The portal will also include links and resources for development solutions Infor Mongoose and Infor OS App Designer(OAD). Mongoose allows devs to build and deploy Infor ERP system changes quickly by exploiting Infor’s flex layout, offering users a no-code/low-code/full-code experience and also utilizing various wizards to maximize developer’s time.

OAD is a serverless, multi-tenant and cloud-based development framework, with which, users can develop widgets for the OS Portal based on predefined templates and using a no-code approach. Using a design wizard, OAD guides developers through the required steps to assign data to, configure and publish an instance of a widget template.

“We view the Infor Developer Program as an on-ramp for launching solutions on our Infor Marketplace,” said Story Monforte, Infor’s senior director of digital strategy. “It is another key part of our growing partner ecosystem, which helps deliver a myriad of choices and innovation to our customers.”

Chris Griffith, CEO of StarPoint Technologies, said, “The Infor Developer Portal is another great example of how Infor is enabling partners like StarPoint to leverage the full capabilities and strengths of the Infor platform. As we continue to innovate with Infor, the detailed documentation, best practices and tools available to us through the Developer Portal will provide us with the key details needed to expand our AI and data insights solutions across an ever-increasing number of Infor CloudSuite ERPs and applications.”

“One of the most exciting parts of the Developer Portal is the new API library,” Griffith added. “Having broad accessibility to this information will not only save us time by reducing our development timeframes, but it also will accelerate our ability to bring fully integrated solutions to market faster, ultimately driving value and improving cost performance for our shared customers. I’m really excited about the future of our partnership with Infor.”