KX is A-OK with Databricks for ultra-real-time

The interestingly named KX is a specialist in real-time streaming analytics. The company has partnered with data AI company Databricks to accelerate the growth of what it calls ultra-real-time analytics in new market sectors.

The partnership combines the Databricks Lakehouse platform with KX’s low latency streaming analytics, time-series and edge compute capabilities.

It is hoped that this will address market demand for real-time insights, driven by the explosion of sensors… especially in sectors like manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications and energy and utilities.

It’s all about those ‘in the moment’ decisions for the automation and optimisation of critical processes including the detection and automated correction of faults and the ability to run what-if analytics and machine learning-based models for sub-second decision-making.

For firms in the financial services sector, the company says that ultra-real-time analytics is well understood, as it can work in areas such as automated decision making on pricing and trading, real-time market surveillance, live exchange performance modelling and market impact and trade execution analytics.

The KX Streaming Analytics platform is built on kdb+, a time series database.

“Databricks provides the data foundation to store and manage all data, analytics and AI in one common lakehouse platform,” said Pankaj Duggar, vice president of product partnerships at Databricks.

“The partnership with KX helps customers bring real-time streaming data to Databricks for faster time to value on streaming analytics use cases.”

Discussions are already underway with customers quick to see the value of the solution.

KX is a part of First Derivatives, a technology provider working with finance, technology, automotive, manufacturing and energy institutions. KX Streaming Analytics is an in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence platform.