Lloyds and ServiceNow help the underrepresented get into tech

ServiceNow and Lloyds Banking Group are collaborating to help individuals from communities that have been traditionally marginalized break into the technology industry. Recent participants of ServiceNow’s NextGen Professionals Program have accepted job offers from Lloyds after learning digital skills currently desirable in today’s workforce.

NextGen addresses the talent shortages faced by companies and helps participants develop their long-term careers in communities typically excluded from the workforce. The initiative focuses on assisting candidates that have been traditionally marginalized by the technology industry, aiming to place them in employment through support from ServiceNow’s customers and partners. Aside from Lloyds Banking Group, NextGen supporters include the Refugee Council and The Department for Education.

Gareth Dickey, senior engineering manager at Lloyds Banking Group said: “At Lloyds Banking Group, we have been championing our employees while seeking to address the digital skills gap in the UK. Working with ServiceNow, we can achieve both.”

Laurent Briant, director of global government programs at ServiceNow said: “The team has guided the talented people who want to make a change in their lives and mentored them throughout the learning process. Tech companies have a key role to play in equipping people from all walks of life with the digital skills so desperately needed across all industries. NextGen will continue to give candidates the steppingstone they need to flourish in their professional lives.”

ServiceNow’s NextGen Professionals Program will continue to run courses to train and place professionals in employment throughout 2022.