New Relic goes native on SAP agentless observability 

New Relic wants to up the monitoring game for SAP deployments. But let’s step back, why is New Relic called New Relic? 

As a cloud-based application and web service monitoring specialist, New Relic should be called New Relic because its platform makes quick relics of new services that have been developed and deployed with less than performant software engineering constructs, architecture and codebases.

But it’s not.

New Relic is called New Relic because it’s an anagram of founder Lew Cirne’s name.

Disappointing truisms notwithstanding, New Relic has carved out a defined space in the market for itself and has this summer launched New Relic Monitoring for SAP Solutions, a native observability solution delivered in an agentless manner for enterprises running critical business processes on SAP systems. 

What is agentless software?

Software agents are persistent (i.e. they endure inside a computer system when it is powered down) section of code that is built with specific operational goals to allow it to react to the environment that it runs in without the indeed for additional human (or machine) supervision. Capable of running by themselves, software agents can have a User Interface (UI), but often don’t. In return, agentless software is code that can execute without the need for supporting services or processes to exist in the background… and so, logically, offers more operational freedom for some times of application structure. 

Agentless 101 over then, the New Relic solution is said to empower IT team to support business operations by harnessing existing SAP data sources to access all necessary telemetry data and avoids the need to install intrusive monitoring agents in SAP production servers or rely on third-party connectors. 

With all telemetry unified in one place, New Relic offers turnkey visualization for dashboards, traces and maps, in addition to anomaly detection and alerts for SAP and non-SAP systems. 

The solution is said to help teams with faster root-cause analysis and resolution of interruptions that may impact the organization’s ability to generate revenue or deliver critical services. 

“New Relic recognizes that enterprises worldwide rely on SAP to run their business, and any issues with infrastructure or applications can severely impact revenue and service delivery,” said Rey Perez, chief customer officer at New Relic. “With Monitoring for SAP Solutions, New Relic is giving organizations the power to detect issues earlier — even before they occur — and enabling faster root-cause resolution when problems are found. We’re bringing business level monitoring to a new level.”

Big numbers, with a pinch of salt

New Relic reminds us that a claimed ninety-nine percent of the world’s largest companies rely on SAP to accelerate multiple business functions (let’s temper that statement by saying that ninety-nine percent of the world’s largest companies rely on almost all the top 50 enterprise vendor platforms to accelerate multiple business functions)… from processing purchase orders and vendor invoices to running finance and payroll. These business processes cannot be interrupted without an impact to an organization’s ability to generate revenue and deliver products and services.

Until now (says New Relic), getting a full view of all of the complex SAP applications throughout an organization’s technology stack proved difficult, leaving customers unprepared for business process interruptions. New Relic Monitoring for SAP Solutions offers the industry’s first manner for enterprises running critical business processes on SAP systems.

Key benefits of the solution include prebuilt visualizations so that users can activate New Relic’s visualization tools to explore SAP telemetry data combined with non-SAP data so both business and IT professionals can drive efficient communication and collaboration through shared dashboards.

New Relic Monitoring for SAP Solutions v2.0 has been certified for deployment on SAP NetWeaver 7.5 via the SAP integration scenario ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning. The solution enables the monitoring of SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA and other SAP Netweaver-based systems.