OutSystems UiPath partner for low-code RPA

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As a company focused on what it calls ‘high-performance’ application development, OutSystems is clearly aligning its engineering stack to develop, nurture and partner with technologies designed to bring the new era of automation intelligence and autonomous control to bear upon software systems.

As such, this month sees OutSystems and enterprise automation software company UiPath now partner to combine the UiPath Business Automation Platform with OutSystems’ low-code technologies.

The companies say that together, they will enable customers to securely and intelligently automate core business processes and applications, while saving time, improving efficiency, and delivering transformational app experiences.

Selecta! New connector

The partnership aims to integrate solutions and services with a new connector that allows UiPath software robots to be managed from within OutSystems applications. 

Low-code application tools combined with intelligent automation are of course in high demand by organizations that want to improve business processes and drive transformational outcomes. 

This is the view of said Maureen Fleming, IDC’s program vice president of intelligent process automation research.

Fleming suggests that with pressures to quickly adapt to ever-changing environments, organizations are now focused on simplifying and speeding up development to get to the benefits of reduced costs and improved productivity. 

“The pressures of digital transformation are creating a mandate for all kinds of organisations to make smarter, more efficient workplaces and effortless experiences for customers,” said Rui Pereira, vice president of global channel at OutSystems. 

Pereira suggests that his firm’s low-code development approach, combined with the power of UiPath automation, provides joint customers with a roadmap to higher-order efficiency gains. 

Orchestrate automated processes

Through the partnership OutSystems and UiPath shared customers can orchestrate automated processes end-to-end across departments and systems of record for maximum performance. Users can also reduce development times and deliver composite apps with design interfaces and native integration to accelerate operational efficiency. 

“More than half of large enterprises today have four or more simultaneous automation initiatives1 – and this number is only expected to rise over the coming years,” said Dhruv Asher, UiPath senior vice president of alliances and business development. “Our partnership with OutSystems will be integral to serving this growing market demand and enabling our joint customers to deploy complex automation at scale.”

Users can easily incorporate advanced technologies like AI and ML into business processes to automate document understanding, image analysis, language analysis, and comprehension. There is also the ability to enrich app testing with enterprise-grade RPA to reduce errors and speed up quality checks by automating manual application testing.