Real-time manufacturing insights: How to ensure Oracle data accuracy and reliability with Excel

close up of a machinery manufacturing a product at a factory | More4apps Oracle data accuracy solutions

In the manufacturing industry, seamless and streamlined flow in the assembly line can be vital for a business’s success. Ensuring this can involve factors beyond the realms of well-maintained equipment and machinery. A vital element is the accuracy of your ERP systems related to manufacturing costs, components, inventory and operations. Data accuracy and completeness are crucial to derive effective insights and analyses from these system processes. In today’s ever-growing mountain of data, a software tool specializing in data maintenance can help achieve these goals.

This was a recent scenario for a More4apps customer, a leading manufacturer of flexible and modular building (windows, doors, cabinets, etc.) components. After deciding to address inefficiencies in its manufacturing process, the company performed a detailed value stream mapping of the routing operations to identify efficiency lapses.

After assessing its routing flows, the company realized that there were inaccuracies in lead times at the operations level leading to misaligning resources with those operations. For instance, it always encountered a shortage while installing hardware on windows past the glass-cutting and glazing steps. Such delays in operations due to a constrained resource had cascading effects on the process downstream resulting in an overall shortfall from targets.

Eventually, the manufacturer concluded that the issue lay in inaccurate lead times captured in its ERP system for the glass cutting and glazing manufacturing steps ahead of the hardware installation. To address this gap, it decided to update lead times on a large number of routings. Knowing how voluminous the process would be, the company looked for a bulk data management tool that would help complete the process quickly and smoothly. That is how its collaboration with More4apps began.

More4apps offers a suite of solutions in the manufacturing and supply chain domains for both Oracle E-Business Suite and Fusion Cloud. The primary feature of the company’s solutions is that users can create, update and mass upload pre-validated data into Oracle using the flexibility and familiarity of Excel with the ability to customize spreadsheets and pre-validate data in a flexible layout. This means that data managed in Excel is not going to lose the security or constraints that Oracle imposes on the data in your access while also allowing you to review data in one sheet.

Thus, the client prepared around 800 routings and changed them to the correct lead times based on the value stream. With More4apps, the company was able to free other departments such as IT from having to customize everything, giving users control of their data.

As this case study’s example has shown, having the ability to flexibly and conveniently overview your data while knowing that you have an efficient compliance system in place is key to achieving control of the data your ERP stores, whether you are based on-premise or cloud. By opting for solutions like the ones offered by More4apps, companies in the manufacturing industry can be confident in their data management and smooth supply chain flow.