Reporting and analytics made simple with SplashEBS

A collection of brightly coloured graphs and shapes indicating data analytics | EBS SplashBI

It’s a simple fact of the industry that reports or the process of reporting is an integral, if slightly boring, part of a business. While some reports may just include a list of facts and figures, the more advanced reporting processes come bundled with a few other resources and business insights – insights that could help your business reach new financial growth.

Oracle E-business Suite is a powerful piece of tech that’s versatile enough to mesh with many different businesses and industries. It’s customizable enough that you could find Oracle EBS in completely different spheres of influence. With such useful software comes support that will improve on the already extensive service provided.

SplashEBS was specifically crafted to supercharge the data presented from OracleEBS into vital and important insights. While OracleEBS might be powerful, the developer’s attention is drawn across multiple different factors and might not solely be focused on reporting processes. Luckily, with outside support, 100 percent of the focus is spent on fixing and enhancing.

There’s a common challenge that reporting processes face; more time preparing data means less time analyzing it – important insights might not be realized, thus impacting effective decision-making. SplashEBS removes complexities like trying to understand database tables or joining relationships; it simplifies the data connection process altogether.

When fully integrated with Oracle EBS data, SplashEBS users can generate customizable reports on-the-fly, according to real-time data input. The lineage of the data, as well as business metadata, is readily available to witness – making it easier to understand the data presented.

Where many companies rely on spreadsheets to monitor business data, SplashEBS can run reports straight into Excel – users can create their own reports directly inside Excel without the need to switch between different systems.

SplashBI has a deep understanding of and adheres to EBS security, roles and responsibilities, as well as integrating well with the more powerful, customizable aspects of EBS like Descriptive Flex Fields and key Flex Fields.

Ultimately, detailed data is needed to make the important business decisions that could determine your growth for the next year. Critical analysis is needed to divine the right insights, and the best service providers do so with a user interface that enhances comprehension of data.