Salesforce introduces Commerce Cloud to maximize revenue

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce has unveiled new commerce innovations to help organizations across industries streamline operations, maximize revenue and drive loyalty.

Companies such as Advanced Turf Solutions, a green industry distributor and producer of field products and accessories for lawn and landscape management, and Newell have turned to Salesforce to accelerate digital commerce, reduce costs and build a rapport with customers.

Commerce Cloud unifies customer and order data to create a connected and personalized buying experience for businesses and consumers across marketing, sales, and service touchpoints.

With Commerce Cloud, healthcare organizations can quickly launch trusted storefronts, streamline post-purchase journeys and reduce costs. Manufacturing and automotive companies can benefit from modernized operations which can cut costs, and improved fulfilment and order servicing. Consumer goods companies can leverage personalized D2C experiences and B2B channels, and reduced fulfilment costs to provide more efficient customer service. Additionally, technology companies have the ability to automate selling and streamline operations, and drive customer loyalty and predictable recurring revenue.

Scot Gillespie, EVP and GM of Commerce Cloud, Salesforce, said: “With these new commerce innovations available on the Salesforce platform, companies across industries as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, tech, and consumer goods can harness the power of automation and unified customer data to embed personalized commerce opportunities – enabling customers to grow revenue and margins while driving efficiency and cutting costs.”

Tracie Pruden, chief information officer of Advanced Turf Solutions, said: “Salesforce enables us to make hugely transformational changes to our business behind the scenes, but to our customers we’re just making their buying process easy.”