Samsara adds the City of Houston to its list of 2023 public sector partnerships

A close up of a hand shake between two people with a stark, white brick background | Samsara City of Houston

Samsara has announced it has been selected by the City of Houston to digitize its operations, with aims to help increase service transparency and sustainability, improve community safety and take data-informed actions.

The City of Houston is to use Samsara’s real-time monitoring capabilities for its fleet of light and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment like water pumps and generators, improving efficiency outcomes and safety initiatives.

This latest partnership follows a string of public organization wins for Samsara, including the State of New Jersey, NJ Transit, City of Fresno, City of Mobile and Hernando County in 2023. Additionally, Samsara’s existing public clients are also planning expansions; namely Washington Metro, Memphis Light, Gas and Water and the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It comes as results from Samsara’s City of Allentown partnership also reported that it has realized a 25 percent reduction in vehicle incidents, a 95 percent reduction in citizen calls and more than $1m in taxpayer savings.

“Samsara’s platform and range of solutions like cameras and equipment tracking were what we needed to improve our operations,” said Brian Blum, assistant director of procurement, fleet and warehousing at the City of Houston, Houston Public Works. “We’re excited to partner and work with Samsara’s team on several important initiatives that will further establish Houston as a world-class city.”

“Behind every clean street, safe passenger dropoff, and quick emergency response, there is a public sector organization that made it possible. They are critical for our local economies and are increasingly using real-time data to gain insights and innovate their processes,” said Rhonda Eiffe, AVP of public sector at Samsara. “Helping these organizations become safer, more efficient, and more sustainable so they can better serve their communities is what drives us. It’s exciting to be a part of their digital transformation and we’re just getting started.”