Sapphire automates access to business planning insights and finance operations processes with Cloud Score and Cloud Plan

New portfolio simplifies processes to unlock and accelerate business planning and financial close capabilities.

Sapphire today announced the availability of Cloud Score and Cloud Plan, a suite of automated process templates built on the SAP Analytics Cloud platform [SAP SAC] that enable businesses to unlock rapid access to richer business insights to aid financial decision making and accelerate financial close timeframes.

With businesses facing a unique set of challenges in the post pandemic world the need to provide richer data insights to aid business planning and decision making has become a key demand from business executives. Access to advanced data insights and analytics was the #2 priority of ERP and Financial Management users, a close second to their #1 priority Process Automation in an independent survey conducted on behalf of Sapphire in Q1 2022.

Sapphire’s Cloud Score and Cloud Plan are SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions (QPPS) that have been developed by Sapphire’s Data Analytics and Insights division, created from the acquisition of Opal Wave a specialist SAP analytics provider to enterprise companies in 2021. Using their extensive knowledge of larger enterprise data analytics needs to automate and simplify access to richer business planning insights and automate the process of complex financial close for mid-market to mid-enterprise businesses.

Available immediately for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP, and developed to leverage the SAP Analytics Cloud Platform, mid-market and mid-enterprise businesses can now access advanced data analytics and insights only previously available to large enterprise customers.

Key solution capabilities include:

  • Rapid to deploy and low cost of entry.
  • Simple SaaS consumption model.
  • Automated access to rich business planning templates – discover, visualise, plan, consolidate and predict business outcomes.
  • Enable businesses to better plan and manage key financial aspects such as P&L and Cashflow.
  • Automated data consolidation workflows for month, quarter, and year end close especially powerful for multi-company entities.
  • Rich analytics and visual reporting to aid financial decision making.
  • Reduce employee overhead and spreadsheet blindness.

Simon Bell, Head of Sapphire Data Analytics and Insights, and founder and CEO of Opal Wave, commented, “Budgeting, forecasting, planning, and predictive analytics are all now well within reach of mid-market to mid-enterprise CFOs and their team, who are now empowered now to run their business through accurate and timely data insights and not judgements based on past performance.

By using automation and advanced process workflows we are banishing the spreadsheet to the tool of last resort for those more complex multi-company entities who have to battle with data at the end of each close period. Cloud Score and Cloud Plan free up the tie of valuable finance teams to focus on value outcomes and let businesses analyse, plan, and close accurately and rapidly so they can make decisions and operate their business with confidence.”

Cloud Score and Cloud Plan are available immediately for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign users and are also suitable to integrate with a range of other financial management and ERP platforms.