ServiceNow platform gets new non-profit tool with Advance Solutions

ServiceNow non-profit

Advance Solutions, a ServiceNow Elite partner, has announced the release of Non-Profit Service Management (NPSM) Cloud, a proprietary solution for non-profit organizations built on the ServiceNow platform.

The solution is designed to reduce costs, modernize operations, save time and aid end-to-end digital transformation for non-profits struggling with outdated legacy systems and tools that have resulted in silos and inefficiencies.

NPSM Cloud has more than 25 foundational modules to solve over 30 critical business operations for non-profits and hopes to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for employees, consumers, third party vendors, volunteers and key stakeholders.

It contains tools to manage grants, procurement, compliance, donations, travel and expenses, documents, talent and recruitment, office space, assets and identity and access. Utilizing the solution’s mobile-optimized virtual agent, executives are offered real-time reporting and analytics to help with customer service interactions.

This latest solution on the ServiceNow platform further strengthens a foundation of non-profit-specific tools and follows the launch of last week, an initiative within ServiceNow dedicated to digitally streamlining operations, improving experiences and better managing the resources of non-profit organizations.

Customers have said that NPSM breaks silos, improves interdepartmental communication, reduces manual paperwork and automates processes that save time and reduce the costs of operations.

Sylvain St-Pierre, CIO at UNDP said: “UNDP has been using ServiceNow with augmented capabilities from applications delivered by Advance Solutions to support UNDP’s strategy. We welcome Advance Solutions’ initiative to support organizations like ours that help make this world safer and more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us. UNall is one of those applications, part of NPSM applications that have been instrumental in digitally transforming the way we provide services at UNDP by providing us an ability to better track and measure the impact of our work.”

Gaurav Kochhar, CEO at Advance Solutions Corp, said: “We’ve done extensive work with non-profits like UNICEF, UNDP and many other UN agencies over the years and are familiar with their unique needs and challenges. We’ve seen first-hand how legacy systems can hold NGOs back with operational inefficiencies that cause delays in the decision-making process and increase expenses due to multiple home-grown applications. NPSM will eliminate this issue. It will change the way contributors, beneficiaries, and volunteers experience come together and work for their cause.”