ServiceNow takes flight with Manchester Airports Group

Aerial view of airplane at airport

Manchester Airports Group (MAG), one of the UK’s largest airport operators, is using the ServiceNow Platform to reduce the complexity and time to onboard new employees.

MAG, which owns and operates East Midlands Airport, Manchester Airport and London Stansted Airport, has hired 1,500 new colleagues since January 2022. This is due to the easing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a significant rise in passenger numbers recorded since March of this year. However, the significant uplift in hiring for MAG highlighted the intensiveness of the onboarding processes for new joiners, hiring managers and HR colleagues.

With ServiceNow’s HR Workflow module, MAG can expect an increase in productivity and efficiency to enhance employee experience and the hiring process. MAG will also migrate from the ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) product to the ITSM Pro version, to further support the onboarding of new colleagues. This includes both employees who are office-based and those who work in frontline operational roles.

Jordi Ferrer, VP and general manager of ServiceNow UK and Ireland, said: “Through our digital workflow solutions, on average, we’ve been able to help our customers reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees by 41 percent. For any business with a complex and siloed structure, its HR function needs to run smoothly. It’s about a complete journey, from hire-to-retire, onboarding and offboarding. We’ve welcomed the opportunity to rejuvenate MAG’s people systems to ensure not only their employees have a better experience, but that passengers do, as well.”

Ryan Cant, chief digital officer at MAG, said: “Our partnership with ServiceNow will enable us to deliver an automated onboarding experience for our new employees, allowing us to reduce complexity and manual handoffs. Crucially, we anticipate that it will improve the time it takes between a colleague accepting an offer, to them being fully onboarded and ready to help our customers start their journeys.”

“The Now platform will be a key part of our digital architecture and one that underpins the whole employee experience. It will help to connect our key strategic enterprise systems into a seamless set of processes to ensure the maximum business value from our technology investments. We are very excited by our strategic partnership with ServiceNow, and our future vision is that ServiceNow will be used within the wider organization as the workflow and orchestration tool of choice.”