AWS Re:Invent 2019
Where’s AWS pointed in 2023?
With AWS re:Invent having closed out the end of 2022, it is time to assess where AWS stands in 2023, as the main thrust of its announcements at re:Invent allows for an analysis of its strategic direction. Also, as the...
Lemongrass and Florida Crystals
Sugar cane firm Florida Crystals sweetens SAP estate with AWS Cloud
Florida Crystals Corporation (FCC), a vertically integrated cane sugar company based in West Palm Beach, Florida, has entered into a collaboration with Lemongrass, the SAP on cloud company, to move its SAP estate to AWS.
Compleat software remote b2b purchasing
Amazon Business boom: has remote working changed B2B purchasing forever?
There’s a significant power shift happening in B2B purchases, with the pendulum swinging firmly in the employee’s favor. Annabel Sim, Compleat Software, asks if remote working has changed B2B purchasing for good.
DoD Pentagon news pic
War has no winners – besides Oracle and multi-cloud
Big Red and multi-cloud won big as Friday saw the US Department of Defense (DoD) announce the winners for its Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract. Big losers? Big Blue and AI hype.
Electric Sheep: The two-horse race in AI
Which company is the Switzerland of AI? Why have AWS and Microsoft failed? Who is leading in artificial intelligence? Find out with Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research.
AWS and Atos join forces to accelerate cloud benefits
AWS and Atos join forces to accelerate cloud benefits
Leading global managed infrastructure services company, Atos has signed a landmark agreement with Amazon Web Services.
Accenture building | Accenture and Cosmo Tech
Accenture partners with AWS to launch Velocity enterprise cloud platform
Accenture has launched Velocity, a jointly funded and co-developed platform with Amazon Web Services. The new platform will enable a 50 percent faster adoption.
Encrypted Enterprise? Amazon messaging service
Encrypted Enterprise? Amazon’s private messaging service turns business-only for 2023
It’s been a disastrous year for Amazon consumer encryption services. Wickr Me is being axed as the tech giant redirects its focus on encrypted messaging for enterprise.
Duke Energy drives clean energy transition with AWS
Duke Energy is entering into a multiyear strategic collaboration with AWS to accelerate the utility’s development of industry-leading grid solutions that will benefit customers to help advance Duke Energy’s clean energy transition.