NVIDIA metaverse for enterprise
NVIDIA opens up the metaverse for enterprise
NVIDIA has released updates to its metaverse platform, Omniverse Enterprise, to help teams develop and operate large-scale virtual 3D worlds.
Adobe metaverse
Adobe has already doomed the metaverse
Pantone blues and Figma fallout: Adobe, not Meta, is the metaverse's biggest threat.
EY does the metaverse - can it save all things Meta?
EY does the metaverse – can it save all things Meta?
EY has updated its metaverse space. The news comes one day after lacking financial results from Facebook owner Meta, the current figurehead of extended reality in enterprise.
Stock VR image | Capgemini and Unity
Capgemini links up with Unity on metaverse solutions
Capgemini and Unity, a development platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, are joining forces to help organizations seize the benefits of immersive and metaverse experiences. Over the years, Capgemini and Unity have delivered numerous projects for global companies...
All work and all play: Do young professionals really want an office metaverse?
The tools to make work more engaging in the metaverse are already here. But who are they for? And does anyone want them?