Healthcare | NHS privacy
Has NHS privacy faux pas set transformation and skills alarm bells ringing?
Modernising NHS health systems and data sharing across integrated care systems will prove a trust and data literacy challenge.
NHS ribbon | digitally transforming NHS data
United Kingdom of data: how we can get NHS digital transformation right
effectively digitally transforming the NHS includes creating a pool of data from all sources, building the planning models, and mining for insights to inform future operations.
image of doctor in white coat holding a stethoscope | NHS
Maximizing time for care: How tech innovation is enabling better patient outcomes in the NHS
It has always been about the people. One thing that has remained unchanged during the 75 years of the NHS has been the focus on the people who use the country’s healthcare services to get better, and the people delivering that care.
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NHS BWPC looks to save £16m with SAP
One of the UK’s largest NHS Purchasing Consortiums deploys SAP Ariba for Digital Procurement Transformation, with £16m savings in 5 years.
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NHS at 75: digitizing to survive
The process of converting healthcare management to fully digital is not without challenges.
image of hospital staff walking down corridor wearing scrubs | North Memorial Health and Oracle
NHS hospitals collab with Microsoft to create AI solution OSAIRIS
Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge has collaborated with Microsoft to leverage its AI capabilities in order to plan radiotherapy treatments faster and more efficiently.
Hospital technology
‘Hospital at Home’: technology is driving healthcare’s future
With rising NHS queues, increasing strain on the healthcare industry, and burned-out staff, the Hospital at Home program is plugging in technology to lend a digital hand.
KPMG and ServiceNow shine a light on the stark NHS recruitment gap
Michael Allen, partner and head of health and human services at KPGM has been investigating situation in three different NHS trusts.
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The fall of Babylon? Lessons for AI in the NHS
Babylon Health’s presence in the NHS should have been beautiful with its AI-based chatbot. The promise of huge savings and efficiencies was huge. In practice, it has been a spectacular failure, even by the standards of public sector IT.
Doctor_BOT NHS
Doctor Bot, curing the NHS backlog?
Technologists are out to heal the deficit in NHS resources, creating battalions of digital workers to bolster the front lines with intelligent automation. Neeti Mehta Shukla and Tremaine Richard-Noel are leading the charge.
ServiceNow serves up NHS Digital backbone and beyond
ServiceNow serves up NHS Digital backbone and beyond
Exclusive: The ServiceNow platform is powering NHS Digital, the national information and technology partner of the UK health and care system. The partnership will also continue once NHS Digital merges with NHS England and NHSX in 2023.
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Insufficient tech investment hinders NHS staff wellbeing
61 percent of NHS frontline staff believe their managers do not have access to adequate tools and systems to assess and track their performance and wellbeing, according to new research commissioned by SAP. Conducted through YouGov, the research found that...
Ellie Orton OBE, CEO at NHS Charities Together – the need to support the NHS has never been greater
The NHS and its staff are under more pressure than ever - face masks and restrictions may be over but the challenges for the NHS continue - that is why the whole ERP community stands as one to support the NHS.
Legacy tech lingers in healthcare after Covid. What’s the fix?
It's still too early to say the NHS has shed off enough of its legacy technology, even after the pandemic.
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What story does this tattoo tell? Sure, it’s funny that the poor lad started out with a vision for something meaningful and ended up with a permanent reminder that he should have paid more attention at school. But does that...
Mindset cheat sheet
There are thousands of books, podcasts, blogs and coaches dedicated to the mindset that business leaders need in order to succeed. But is there a set of common skills that leaders must embrace, regardless of size and scale, in order...
Software firms at forefront of COVID-19 efforts
Software vendors are leveraging their expertise to help customers, employees and the community overcome COVID-19 challenges. The way in which companies conduct themselves during the COVID-19 crisis has come under intense scrutiny. As we have already seen, companies that fail to support both their customers and staff during this period are likely to be judged harshly – and publicly – and could incur financial and reputational damage from which it will be difficult to recover...
Strength in numbers for SAP and its partners
SAP has joined forces with its partner ecosystem in a ‘social collaboration’ that aims to use the power...
Blue Prism raises over $120m to enhance its RPA suite
Blue Prism has raised $124m in equity financing at a valuation of around $1.2bn. The funding brings...
Automation Anywhere launches new RPA solutions to respond to C-19
Automation Anywhere has launched intelligent automation solutions to empower governments, healthcare...
Royal Voluntary Service Partners With SAP Concur Solutions to Support NHS Volunteer Responders During COVID-19 Crisis
Discover how SAP Concur's partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service helps bring efficiency to the 600,000 volunteers supporting those in need...