OpenAI Co-founder/Chairman & CTO Greg Brockman, OpenAI Co-Founder & CEO Sam Altman and TechCrunch News Editor Frederic Lardinois | Ex-OpenAI CEO Altman joins Microsoft amid weekend of shakeups
Ex-OpenAI CEO Altman joins Microsoft amid weekend of shakeups
Microsoft has announced it has hired ex-OpenAI CEO Sam Altman after he was fired from his role at Microsoft-backed OpenAI.
a typewriter with a printed sheet reading | hotlist
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 16-20 October
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from 16-20 October.
image of PwC building | PwC and OpenAI
PwC announces landmark partnership with OpenAI and Harvey
PwC has announced a strategic alliance with OpenAI and Harvey to train and deploy foundation models for tax, legal and HR services.
laptop with green and purple background, on laptop screen is ChatGPT information. | ChatGPT Enterprise
OpenAI goes ERP with ChatGPT Enterprise
OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Enterprise, an enterprise-grade security and privacy version of its notorious AI chatbot.
A robot trying to work CHATGPT and it has caught on fire.
How to avoid a ChatGPT catastrophe
Generative AI models such as ChatGPT give much debate around their potential to transform our everyday lives. But what about in an enterprise environment?
The ChatGPT page open on a smartphone in front of a colourful background
US Trade Commission investigates OpenAI over deceptive practices
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into OpenAI in relation to unfair or deceptive privacy data practices.
Chatgpt Salesforce
Salesforce first to sell ChatGPT, promising IP safety
ChatGPT hype sees Salesforce launch Einstein GPT, billed as the "world’s first generative AI CRM technology."