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Protecting SAP users during cloud migrations: The SAP-endorsed advantage
As businesses continue to navigate the uncharted territories of cloud deployment, the assurance of data security and compliance becomes paramount.
Pathlock SAP S/4HANA role management
Pathlock automates SAP roles tailored to S/4HANA
Pathlock provides individual SAP roles tailored to the primary functions of S/4HANA to address security concerns during cloud adoption.
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SAP partner Pathlock introduces new Application Access Governance release
Pathlock has launched a new release of its Application Access Governance product within its risk and compliance platform, Pathlock Cloud.
A cluster of clouds with a blue tint against a clear sky | Pathlock
Pathlock receives leadership recognition in KuppingerCole reports
Pathlock has achieved leadership recognition in two KuppingerCole Analysts AG Leadership Compass industry reports.