The secret to the ideal manufacturing solution? Pick one who is more than just a service provider

image of person welding/grinding with sparks flying toward the camera | Manufacturing solution

Manufacturing solutions are a dime-a-dozen, so how can anyone determine the right one for a business? Dusty Alexander, CEO and president, Global Shop Solutions, informed ERP Today of the elements that firms need to pay attention to when looking for the ideal manufacturing solution.

Alexander launched straight into the importance of an all-encompassing solution that connects disparate, manufacturing processes.

“These attributes ensure that, as your manufacturing processes evolve or expand, software adapts in lockstep, so you will not outgrow its capabilities.” According to Global Shop Solutions, the ability to scale with a business as it grows to meet market demands could be a feature would-be clients need to prioritize.

Alongside an interconnected system that can communicate smoothly with every device connected to it, Alexander insists that the success of an implementation can be determined by the relationship between client and vendor. The key to success could be in “software’s ability to be tailored.”

With an in-depth knowledge of a client’s business operations, Alexander reiterates how an implementation process can be tailored to a firm’s exact needs. It’s necessary to zero-in on “all the critical areas of [a client’s] manufacturing operations, from inventory management and production scheduling to accounting, all within an integrated structure.”

The best solutions available offer “exceptional customer support and continuous training programs designed to empower your team.” An attentive ERP supplier will provide a “hands-on approach” so clients and users can “maximize the full potential of their investment, aligning their operations for success now and in the future.”

Expanding more on the importance of the relationship between each customer and the service provider, Alexander shared how Global Shop Solutions handles its own ongoing partnerships: “We are an integral part of your team, dedicated to facilitating perpetual advancement.”

Collating the knowledge shared with us from Global Shop Solutions and its CEO, the ideal manufacturing solution will start proceedings through gaining an in-depth knowledge of the client and how they run a business.

Based on those findings, a truly tailored approach to implementing the new systems could help users get a grip with them in a timely manner. The new solution when introduced should connect all other disparate manufacturing processes to make it easier to scale and, finally, the right service provider will stick around for the journey, making sure a business is agile and prepared for the future.