The SNP methodology and how it enhances industrialized data transformations

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Digital transformations require extensive planning – and the bigger the scale of the transformation, the more variable factors need to be considered. When it comes to large-scale digital transformations, you should invest in solutions that offer the experience and expertise to provide the necessary services.

One of the biggest hurdles that slow down a digital upgrade is handling the old data stored on legacy systems. The right tech partner can utilize automation tech to sort, clean, and prepare your data for the migration over to newer systems.

When large amounts of data from many different sources need to be consolidated and transferred to newer systems, a solution that uses a repetitive approach can also help optimize processes by finding inefficiencies and addressing them accordingly – which in turn leads to achieving the highest degree of standardization possible. It’s this methodology that SNP likes to employ.

An example of SNP’s ability to deliver industrialized data transformations can be found in E.ON, one of Europe’s largest energy networks. It needed an astronomical amount of preparation and planning to upgrade its old SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA.

SNP knew exactly how to handle the vast quantities of data from over 500 different E.ON-related companies across Europe, using its methodology to enhance processes. In just over three years, SNP has managed to migrate over 150 of the planned 500+ E.ON companies to the new systems.

Throughout all of this, E.ON was also upgrading to cloud computing with Microsoft’s Azure. As the Azure upgrade and S/4HANA migration happened in tandem, it meant the need for additional testing and projects was reduced, further enhancing efficiencies. By combining several different aspects into one underlying project, SNP was able to foster greater synergy between all aspects of the digital transformation.

Juggling multiple, ongoing projects, while simultaneously improving interoperability between the new processes, should be enough proof if you’re looking for a service provider to oversee your digital transformation.