U.S. Steel and Google Cloud collab on GenAI transformation

A man working in front of steel being cast in fire : U.S. Steel

United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel) has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud that aims to leverage Google Cloud’s generative AI technology to enhance operations at the largest iron ore mine in North America.

This collaboration represents U.S. Steel’s ongoing commitment to innovation and technological advancement, which has been a hallmark of the company’s more than 100-year history.

The first application to emerge from this partnership is MineMind. This application is driven by GenAI and is designed to streamline equipment maintenance processes. By utilizing Google Cloud’s AI technologies such as Document AI and Vertex AI, MineMind seeks to improve the efficiency of the maintenance team’s operations.

This is achieved by providing timely access to relevant information, optimizing solutions for mechanical issues and consequently reducing downtime and expenses. The launch of MineMind is scheduled for September and will target over 60 haul trucks at U.S. Steel’s Minnesota Ore facilities, namely Minntac and Keetac.

Upon full implementation, MineMind is expected to reduce the time required to complete work orders by approximately 20 percent for U.S. Steel technicians. The application will guide maintenance crews through repair processes, assist in part ordering and simplify complex information, leading to more effective and accurate repair work.

David Burritt, president and CEO of U.S. Steel, said: “We’ve meaningfully accelerated digitization at U. S. Steel through our work with Google Cloud. Faster repair times, less down time and more satisfying work for our techs are only some of the many benefits we expect with generative AI.”

Despite having a history of incorporating innovative technologies in its operations, this marks U.S. Steel’s first foray into generative AI applications. The company has previously utilized ML, vision processing and natural language processing to enhance various aspects of its business, including energy conservation and safety measures.

Michael Clark, VP of Google Cloud for North America Regions, said: “U.S. Steel is at the forefront of the generative AI adoption cycle.

“Our innovative work with U.S. Steel to power operational and functional innovation with our advanced generative AI technology has the potential to not only transform manufacturing but adjacent industries – from trends and logistics, to supply chain, sustainability, process automation and more.”

The collaboration between U.S. Steel and Google Cloud is expected to continue, with plans to develop additional GenAI applications that offer real-time data and insights. The partnership aims to address key challenges and opportunities across U.S. Steel’s value chain, indicating a commitment to ongoing innovation and operational improvement.