UiPath automates automation Ops implementation


Enterprises have been waking up to automation. It’s no secret, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the various strains of machine learning (ML) that compose it are impacting the way firms in all business verticals are thinking about modernising their IT stacks.

But there’s a problem, or perhaps a challenge… as automated as automation is, the application of automation is not automated.

Seeking to provide a dose of AI-powered automation discovery is robotic process automation (RPA) company UiPath.

Automation discovery

The UiPath platform 21.4 release supports large-scale and sophisticated automation programmes. The platform itself uses AI to “enable discovery of automation opportunities” that have the highest impact on the most important business key performance indicators (KPIs).

Version 21.4 offers a new task mining solution that uses advanced ML models to pinpoint the most frequent task patterns from data and identify repetitive activities that could be automated without interrupting employees’ work. 

NOTE: generally coming before process mining, task mining is the process of tracking individual work components inside a business software stack such as an ERP system, a CRM system or a business process management (BPM) system – often performed by analysis of individual application log files and transactions, tasks mining seeks to coalesce its data into workflows that can be used for ongoing process mining.

In equal measure then, UiPath has provided simultaneously advanced process mining tools that are now integrated with its automation hub to allow users to identify and implement automations that create instant operational improvements and help achieve goals faster.  

Automation Ops

With this release, UiPath is launching Automation Ops, a cloud-first, web-based application enabling admins to quickly set up policies for automation users and developers. With Automation Ops, organisations can easily govern large deployments of the UiPath Studio family products and attended software robots. 

“Automation is opening possibilities to the masses, and while that is a big multiplier in ROI for an organisation, it also adds risk factors. UiPath provides the scale, governance, and security capabilities that customers need to centralise and federate their automation programs,” said Ted Kummert, EVP of products and engineering at UiPath. “As the automation footprint expands across an organisation, these controls, combined with the power of our AI insights and our flexible new cloud management features, bring every user an unparalleled automation experience.”

As part of the branded UiPath Automation Cloud™ Automation Ops is instantly available to existing customers. It is tightly connected to Studio and UiPath Assistant and offers oversight and control without intrusion and undue restrictions. 

Automation Ops deploys at an organisation level and allows centralised control for IT but can be tailored to individual needs and supports targeted policies for groups of people with different levels of automation skills or access.