Why your next hire should be digital


With labor shortages, staff absences, overstretched employees, and looming inflation crisis – how is your business going to make your people the most valuable and productive asset you have in 2023?

Enter the Sapphire Systems digital worker. Easy to train and quick to deploy, these tireless multi-taskers are always ready to pick up the slack and let your human workforce never miss an operational beat. Pre-trained and ready to go, they slot effortlessly into your organization, working hard for you and augmenting your human talent.

Moving beyond bots
Digital workers represent a huge step up from standard automation approaches. Combining robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics, a digital worker is far from your average bot. Less task-obsessed and more driven to find answers, they can understand requests, ask questions, and analyze responses. And best of all they know how to listen and learn from their human colleagues. With intelligence comes the vision to see beyond individual tasks, cooperating across multiple departments, workflows, and applications.

Take procure-to-pay, for example, with its complex ‘swivel-chair’ processes, involving numerous systems, stakeholders, and documents. From monitoring inventory to issuing invoice payments, digital workers operate in tandem, drawing on data from different applications. Automating high-volume tasks with incredible speed and accuracy, digital workers enhance even the most complex workflows.

“Human and machine—each on their own—won’t be enough to drive businesses in the coming decades. Tomorrow’s leading enterprises will be those that know how to meld the two effectively”.  – Accenture

From the great resignation to the great reengagement
Digital workers can be put to work across diverse industries and business functions – from a simple stock take to helping banks uncover fraud. They take on the jobs their human counterparts don’t want to, or shouldn’t have to, freeing them up to focus on bigger things. In times of staff shortages and low morale, a digital colleague is a welcome addition to the team. Easing the burden, they allow your people to use the talents that led you to hire them. The result? Increased productivity and happier humans – on both the customer and employee side.

Aspen Pumps is experiencing the benefits of digital workers first-hand. The global manufacturer of condensate pumps worked with Sapphire Systems to automate their work-in-process clearing. A digital worker now processes 2,200 documents monthly, saving the company 350 working hours each month. And all this was up and running within a matter of days.

In a recent Salesforce survey, 89% of employees reported greater job satisfaction as a result of automation.

Tapping into the digital talent pool
When you recruit a Sapphire digital worker, offered as a cloud-based service, you decide who (or what) your new hire becomes. You can easily customize pre-built configurations to specific business roles – or build your own digital worker from the ground up. Start small and keep things simple, adding complexity as you scale. Or accelerate innovation, using the power of AI to make your digital employees smarter and faster.

Once your digital worker is on board, the control remains with you. They can be trained and managed in the same way as your human talent. We help you to document the relevant processes, creating a precise digital job spec, and we train your new hire to follow it to the letter. This includes knowing when to act – and when to ask for human help. Defining this interplay between digital and human resources is essential to creating an efficient and intelligent workflow. And just like your human talent, you can monitor your digital worker’s performance, continuously making enhancements to maximize ROI.

However big or small your business, and wherever you are in your automation journey, now is the time to make room for digital in your talent strategy. Talk to us today to explore the possibilities. Your next digital hire is waiting in the Sapphire cloud.