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Is the business world ready for Zoomer SaaS apps?
As Gen Z joins the workforce, businesses have to adapt to the shifting expectations employees bring to the office.
ThoughtSpot aims to shake up modern data stack
ThoughtSpot has announced a consumption-based pricing model, where customers pay only for what they use.
Odaseva accelerates drive in UK & APAC
Pushing its data-centric technology is Odaseva, which works specifically to deliver an enterprise data platform service for Salesforce.
Appian drives low-code for ESG in ERP
There’s a thorny confluence point between ERP and low-code software. On the one hand, there are low-code platform specialist purists i.e. company’s known for their low-code (and sometimes no-code) declarative model software that provides pre-architected templates, accelerators and intelligence-driven shortcuts...
ThoughtSpot aims to ‘dominate data’ with new global SVP Kuntal Vahalia
Cloud-native data analytics company ThoughtSpot has appointed Kuntal Vahalia as senior vice president of worldwide channels and alliances.
Celonis buys PAF to sharpen execution management
Celonis has announced the acquisition of PAF, a provider of process mining technology for Microsoft Power BI.
Microsoft Work Trends: Because you’re (work is) ‘worth it’
Somewhere deep in the depth of the Microsoft marcoms (marketing communications) machine, the team is sitting back and looking quite pleased with itself. They have completed the company’s 2022 Work Trend Index and ‘revealed its insights’ for us. Whether Microsoft...
Is your ERP datacenter footprint sustainable?
We all want to tackle climate change as we progress towards both living and working in a more maintainable and essentially sustainable way of being. Although not every person is capable of going full-Greta (as in Thunberg, obviously), almost all...
Infor flicks sustainable software switch at Britishvolt
Once ‘just’ an ERP specialist, once an industry-specific ERP specialist with extended supply chain specialism – and now, all of the above plus a broader ‘industry cloud’ specialist with user experience (UX) competencies. It seems Infor isn’t too busy rebranding its company...
Bünting trades mit ‘observability’ auf ERP
In North-West Germany, when they hang out the bunting, they often start by going to Bünting. This Europe-wide trading company employs some 12,000 people and has interests in food and drink distribution as well as retailing and e-commerce.