Deloitte and Infor set sail for the Nordics

Infor and Deloitte have announced they are expanding their collaboration in a new venture covering the Nordics. The companies have previously operated joint projects spanning many years with the goal of helping businesses get the most out of their ERP solutions.

This latest expansion aims to combine Deloitte’s consulting skills in digital transformation with Infor’s industry-specific cloud solutions, to deliver value faster in the region.

With the success of previous international projects, Infor and Deloitte continue to work towards adding significant business value for their joint customers. Now that their partnership has expanded to the Nordics, the companies will focus on joint ventures that are already set in place, including projects with Scandi Standard, among others.

Göran Matz, Group CIO at Scandi Standard, said: “The ability to quickly adapt to a new and complex reality is crucial to our success, to succeed we need suppliers who deeply understand our industry and have solutions that are adapted to our industry from the start. Together, Deloitte and Infor have delivered just this both a way for us to push through change and a digital platform that enables continuous improvement that is always updated to meet future requirements.”

Robert Bergström, partner at Deloitte, said: “The trend in ERP is that even large companies are now seriously looking at real cloud-based solutions. Infor is a leader in ERP and has shown time and time again that their vision with cloud-based, multi-tenant solutions specifically developed for different types of industries is the right way to go for the fastest possible conversion of their processes. Being able to offer Deloitte’s strategic advice together with solutions that effectively support the implementation of the advice we give is a real strength that we are both interested in developing further.”

Malte Ekedahl, SVP and GM Infor Nordics, said: “We believe that Deloitte’s deep industry knowledge and ability to lead its clients through change matches our vision of delivering solutions where industry functionality is built in from the start. Together, we can offer companies a fast track to change rather than letting customers tread water year after year, something that was previously more the rule than the exception when it comes to the traditional implementation of an ERP solution.”