Epicor SecturaSOFT deal: ERP goes heavy metal

The strategic stratagem scrutinisers at Epicor have teamed the company’s industry-specific enterprise ERP software in a new partnership integration with SecturaSOFT.

Known as an independent software vendor (ISV) focused on developing web-based applications for the metal fabrication industry, SecturaSOFT will play a specific role in working with Epicor’s heavy metal customer base.

Epicor has an undeniably weighty 1,600+ customers in the fabricated metals and industrial machinery markets worldwide, all of whom operate at a fabrication scale large enough to warranty some deployment of ERP suite functionality.

The partnership will deliver SecturaFAB – an estimating and quoting tool for manufacturers – as a direct integration, providing what the firms hope will be a one-stop-shop for existing and prospective clients.

Customers in the metal fabrication market will benefit from nesting logic-based estimating that feeds directly into Kinetic (the new name for Epicor ERP) cloud ERP software.

Technical note: In computer science, ‘nesting’ sees information is organised in layers, or where objects contain other similar objects — it typically always refers to self-similar or recursive structures.

Shipshape shop service

The automated estimating and quoting process allows operations managers to streamline multiple processes to increase shop throughput and speed to quote with the ability to import PDF, 3D & 2D CAD files, build quotes in seconds rather than days, decrease training time needed by 80%, and increase win rate by up to 40%.

Notable features include:

  • Nesting Estimation: nesting logic for building quotes in seconds
  • Work Order Integration: easily utilize previously stored geometry to make a quote into a work order
  • 5-Axis Machining: custom tooling-setup for complex machining quotes
  • Kinetic Material Integration: pull in materials data straight from Kinetic

“Epicor is dedicated to integrating features and solutions from partners such as SecturaSOFT into our product suite and is proud to provide customers with specialised capabilities that reduce time to market and speed up a return on investment,” said Christine Hansen, director of product marketing, manufacturing at Epicor.

Epicor says the introduction of SecturaFAB is an incremental step in its deepening industry-focused capabilities for customers in fabricated metals.

Last year in 2020, Epicor launched Advanced Unit of Measure capabilities targeted at metals businesses to offer easier management and traceability of dimensional inventories.

The SecturaFAB offering is planned to be available in the Epicor autumn/fall release of Kinetic.