High in the clouds with clean data: Achieving smooth migration with data management tools

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It is no secret that in the world of technology, cloud is the future. In fact, for many it is not just the future, but the now – with organizations planning to migrate from their on-premise stack to cloud. As argued by experts, some of the benefits that businesses can gain from cloud migration are easier integration with partners’ systems, improved supply chain visibility, customer services and collaborative and efficient innovations. 

However, to be able to reap these benefits and achieve a smooth digital transformation, there is one aspect that cannot be overlooked during that process – data cleansing. Data cleansing is the process of fixing incorrect, incomplete, duplicate or otherwise erroneous data in a data set. It involves identifying data errors and then changing, updating or removing data to correct them, improving the overall data quality and helping deliver more accurate and reliable information for decision-making in an organization. 

Specifically during cloud migration, data cleansing can be crucial for a business’s success. As explained by More4apps, a provider of data management solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud Applications, by conducting a thorough data cleanse, organizations can mitigate risks, optimize system performance and unlock the full potential of their ERP investment.

In projects as substantial as cloud migration, organizations are operating under budget and time constraints, and many are looking for options that could help them reach their goals without missing deadlines. This is the reason why companies like More4apps offer comprehensive data management solutions to help users simplify complex tasks and accelerate time-to-value.

Thus, users migrating from Oracle EBS to Oracle Fusion Cloud can opt for a pre-project cleanup in which over 40 More4apps “wizards” will clean up existing systems before beginning the conversion. According to More4apps, these front-end tools will lessen the labor necessary for the migration as the migrated data will be cleaner and more accurate. 

Furthermore, users can utilize More4apps tools for data extraction and validation for Oracle EBS to extract data from disparate sources, cleanse it and validate its accuracy before migration. By automating these processes, organizations can significantly reduce manual effort and minimize the risk of errors.

Additionally, with data enrichment and transformation tools, organizations can enrich their data with more attributes, standardize formats and cleanse inconsistencies and data errors as part of the pre-upload validation process to ensure seamless integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud. 

Addressing all the factors mentioned above also constitutes a necessity for organizations to establish compliance with regulatory requirements and internal governance standards. With More4apps features, organizations can enforce data governance policies, track data lineage and maintain audit trails, thus ensuring compliance and mitigation of risks.

With more organizations embarking on their digital transformation journeys today, establishing data cleansing can be one of the crucial aspects for seamless cloud migration and data integration. Utilizing third-party data management solutions like the ones offered by More4apps can be the one right step toward achieving these goals.