How JiVS Information Management Platform can reduce your data-driven headaches

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Data is the lifeblood of many industries, with smarter business leaders taking heed to gain insights from collected data. With the amount of identified data, it’s easy to see why data-driven challenges cause so much anxiety for some users. JiVS Information Management Platform from Data Migration International Group, or JiVS IMP, can help simplify data-heavy tasks.

JiVS IMP is a composable solution, with a versatile range of features that adhere strictly to compliance and security measures. Digital transformations or data migrations are perfectly within JiVS IMP’s capabilities.

Regarding data migrations and management, the JiVS methodology focuses on simplicity above all. Data is separated between operational and historical, immediately reducing the load on live systems. JiVS IMP also stores important business documents and is accessible inside and outside of SAP.

Data is also historized from SAP and non-SAP systems through the push of a button, all within JiVS IMP. When the platform migrates the information, it also transfers the business context. This provides you with the option of pulling the plug on your old legacy systems and accelerating your digital transformation.

The JiVS methodology is what’s behind this process. Instead of fully transferring all existing data, the cleaning and tidying process occurs at the same time. The tidied-up data now in your hands will ultimately save time and effort over the entire migration process.

You can observe the proof of the efficacy of the solution in practical results. For instance, JiVS IMP recently achieved success within Hawle Armaturen AG, a leading Swiss manufacturing and commercial enterprise. The manufacturing giant needed to migrate over to SAP S/4HANA as a means of future-proofing, but a hurdle in the shape of tangled legacy system data blocked the path. The collection of duplicate or incomplete data would have prevented the new ERP S/4 Hana system from reaching its full potential. JiVS IMP’s technical capabilities were suitable for such a migration project.

The project began on January 22, with a tight deadline to complete the full data migration and quality optimization by mid-March 22, and a go-live data by the beginning of May 22. The achievement of digital transformation and migration occurred within three months and the efficiencies as a result of the upgrades allowed Hawle Armaturen AG to go live with SAP S/4HANA on schedule.

With each year, JiVS has improved on its methodology, optimizing and enhancing its work on every project. On average, partners of JiVS IMP and Data Migration International Group have achieved an 80 percent reduction in IT costs, a 50 percent reduction in data migration effort, and a 100 percent increase in security and access. No need to be wary of data-driven projects when all it takes is the push of a button to immediately reduce the woes.