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Data Migration International is the leading expert in data management, application retirement, and data migration. Headquartered in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, we are proud to help some of the world’s most innovative companies solve their business and technology challenges.  
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  • eBook – The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now
    Evolve into “Masters of the Dataverse” with the new book "The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now" by Andreas Graesser, a distinguished Professor of Management Information Systems at Villanova University and the innovative mind behind innovad LLC.
  • the data whisperer thumbnail
    The Data Whisperer – JiVS IMP and Deloitte Consulting
    The “data whisperers” in this whitepaper are Data Migration International and Deloitte Consulting. The latter has developed a proven framework for data archiving and governance. Perfectly complementing the consulting firm’s expertise is the JiVS Information Management Platform (JiVS IMP) from Data Migration International.
  • A silhouette of a superhero in a cape standing on top of a building while looking towards the sky on a rainy evening | JiVS IMP
    How JiVS Information Management Platform can reduce your data-driven headaches
    Managing large amounts of data can be a headache-inducing task. Solutions exist that can make data management a walk in the park, like JiVS IMP. With the right technology, industrial data management no longer has to be an anxiety-inducing exercise.