Partnerships key to mass-adoption

When the world’s largest consulting firms like Accenture, Deloitte and EY start talking about a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ the rest of the world better sit up and take note. While all the major SIs have long-established partnerships with traditional tech vendors, there is no doubt that ServiceNow is the hottest ticket in town. Partners around the world are gearing up for a tsunami of ServiceNow work in order to move their customers out of twentieth century business architecture and into a cloud-first, digitally-native workflow environment.

David Kanter, ServiceNow Business Group lead at Accenture, told me: “We’re moving to a highly decentralised environment which is going to require rethinking all of the processes used to run a business. ServiceNow is the technology platform that enables customers to move to the cloud with optimised processes and a single control panel for their operations. He continued: “Accenture is one of the top five ServiceNow customers globally and we are pushing the edge of what’s possible with the platform. We have some of the best credentials in the world and that allows us to support our customers in a very unique way and become a one-of-a-kind partner.”

ServiceNow partners with hundreds of organisations around the world but it is the global elite partnerships which are central to ServiceNow’s overarching strategy. These powerhouse consulting firms own thousands, if not millions, of corporate relationships and each one of them is working flat out to help customers understand and execute a digital strategy.

EY and ServiceNow recently announced the formation of a new super alliance that would create a $1bn business to tackle the workflow crisis created by legacy technologies. Carmine Di Sibio, EY global chairman and CEO, told ERP Today, “Together, EY and ServiceNow teams are unlocking the potential for organisations to become more dynamic and innovative. By combining our deep industry knowledge with the ServiceNow platform, we are harnessing technology to invigorate business and drive better performance and growth.” 

Deloitte is another commanding force that is squarely behind the ServiceNow opportunity, having also implemented the solution for its own employees. You can read more on how Deloitte is using ServiceNow over the page where Richard Houston, UK CEO, told our technology editor, “I see a future where all of our people access a digital Deloitte, enabling them quick and easy access to the full capabilities of the firm – wherever they are.”

However, it’s not just the global players that are diving in to the ServiceNow opportunity – there is a growing number of smaller pure-play ServiceNow partners like Crossfuze, FlyForm, NewRocket, Unifii and the amazingly-named whyaye! to name just a few.

There are more than 125 elite partners to choose from and 230 premier partners with a full list available from the ServiceNow website.