ServiceNow: three case studies

A leading global airline

Founded in 1925, Delta Air Lines has served as many as 200 million people a year, taking customers across an industry-leading global network of up to 300 destinations in over 50 countries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Air Lines is the U.S. global airline leader in safety, innovation, reliability, and customer experience. Powered by employees around the world, Delta has for a decade led the airline industry in operational excellence while maintaining a reputation for award-winning customer service.

Fast and easy access 

In common with airlines and many other industries around the world, when COVID-19 struck and lockdowns began, Delta witnessed an unprecedented decline in customer demand, impacting its schedules, operations, and most of all, its employees.

While many teams within its complex and highly dispersed global operations experienced greatly reduced workloads, others leading the company’s response to the pandemic needed additional support. Delta was determined to respond as quickly as possible to support its 75,000 people, providing fast and easy access to information, advice and services.

One-stop-shop employee portal In 2019, Delta had begun deploying ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Pro technology internally, initially to capture employees’ time and attendance questions, ultimately with the aim of streamlining and automating the majority of its HR services. Armed with this existing knowledge and experience of working with the intuitive and easy-to-use Now Platform, Delta was able to launch a one-stop-shop COVID-19 employee portal in just 48 hours.

Accelerating vaccination program Employees were able to connect with a nurse to share COVID-19 concerns, while Delta’s prevention team used data from ServiceNow to identify opportunities to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Once vaccines became available, employees could express interest, resulting in more than 40,000 entries which helped accelerate Delta’s internal COVID-19 vaccination program, while leaders were able to assess and report the results of Delta’s contact tracing efforts.

Self-service center 

As 2020 progressed, the COVID-19 portal evolved into ‘Ask HR’, an employee self-service center that, when fully implemented, will deal with 85 percent of HR questions which were previously raised by phone or email. For example, the HR time and attendance feature launched in

October 2019 on ServiceNow before COVID-19 has now seen more than 94,000 cases submitted.

‘Ask HR’, powered by ServiceNow, is a great example of us simplifying and modernizing the employee experience. Beverly Hill Manager, HR Service Delivery


Ensuring the safety of UK road users

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is one of several agencies helping people to stay safe on Great Britain’s roads. It carries out driving tests, approves people to be driving instructors and MOT testers, and conducts tests to make sure lorries and buses are safe to drive, along with roadside checks on drivers and vehicles. DVSA has 4,800 employees, the majority of whom work away from an office environment.

A digital-first, all-mobile operation

In recent years DVSA has taken huge strides to become a digital-first operation. Roadside checks and driving tests are managed on iPhones and iPads, office workers have laptops, and Office 365 is standard. This has required a rethink of the support given to staff. The agency wanted to create a streamlined service approach that would allow round-the-clock support. This would allow for greater self-service and the introduction of virtual agents.

Implementing a new service portal

The adoption of the Now Platform has transformed DVSA’s service outlook. UK-based service partner, FlyForm, working to ServiceNow’s design best practice, built a portal on the Now Platform that has steadily grown in terms of self-service and automation. As COVID-19 impacted, and office staff were required to work from home, FlyForm helped to build up the service catalog, from ordering IT office supplies, to guaranteeing the swift delivery of road safety and personal protective equipment for frontline staff.

“ServiceNow allows me to see what work is scheduled and share that workload equitably across the team,” says a DVSA service desk team leader. “Supporting colleagues is now more important than ever as we are all working remotely, and the information I get from ServiceNow helps me balance statistics, performance, and identify any issues our users may have.”

Transforming service expectations ServiceNow IT Service Management Pro is at the core of DVSA’s new service position. Today, the agency has more than 225 catalog items available to answer staff requests. ServiceNow Virtual Agent has helped deflect 55 percent of calls, and all staff can raise incidents and requests from a smartphone. And the ‘smartness’ of the portal continues to grow—there has been a 370 percent increase in knowledge articles viewed each month since launch.

Focus on the user The aim is to maintain momentum, particularly around the user experience. Integration with the HappySignals experience management platform and ServiceNow Performance Analytics will enable DVSA to collect users’ feedback and usage behavior to inform future updates. In addition, it is exploring Predictive Intelligence, Software Asset Management, and further CMDB enrichment.

“Our partnership with FlyForm and ServiceNow has been a success. We look forward to getting even more value out of future ServiceNow functions.”

Nia Hatchett, Head of User Services

World’s largest bottling company in revenue

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) is the world’s largest bottling company. Combining the strength and scale of a large, multinational business with expert, local knowledge, it operates across 29 countries, serving more than 600 million consumers, and employs over 33,200 people from around the world. The business generates over €15bn in revenue.

Creating a one-stop digital workflow platform CCEP’s employees and workplace culture are at the heart of its success. The organisation wanted to better serve its staff by simplifying and harmonising HR processes, supporting the best possible employee experience. A one-stop digital platform was envisioned to transform these processes, do away with repetitive tasks and contribute to a healthy workplace culture.

Employee drives workflow ServiceNow HR Service Delivery creates an employee engagement platform that empowers the employee to access important HR information, from onboarding to organising work and leave days. Designed and implemented by Deloitte, the platform streamlines service delivery of key business functions while harmonising processes across the organisation. Central communication channels allow employees from across Europe to access relevant information.

 Unlocking one million hours of productivity CCEP has given back one million hours in a three-year period to its multi-generational employees through the digitization of its HR functions. That means one million hours in productivity, while offering flexibility. It intends to give back another half a million by the end of 2021. CCEP wants to empower HR to take charge of digitization through coding improvements on user interface and user experience for its workforce.

Towards making life easier Simplification of HR functions supports great employee engagement. Better engagement means better focus on the business. With flexibility comes trust in digitization and empowerment for its staff. CCEP values human connection and wants to do away with processes for more time in communication. Pivoting from the challenges of virtual working, HR processes will be fine-tuned to improve user experience.

“In five to ten years that interface will look completely different. And that’s where we’re headed.” Nico Orie, VP People & Culture Strategy & Operations