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Leveraging the extended supply chain: A collaborative approach with Oracle
In the past years, the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and events beyond have illuminated the need for supply chain resilience.
Four steps to digital transformation – Part 2
This eBook - part of a series by Accelalpha - will explore the third and fourth stages of digital transformation readiness in-depth and explain why each stage is crucial to a company’s success during a cloud implementation.
Four steps to digital transformation – Part 1
This eBook - part of a 2-part series by Accelalpha - will discuss Assessment and Planning, the first and second of the four steps to digital transformation.
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Revenue transformation, from product to service, by embracing cloud expertise
While being on the hunt for digitalization, more organizations are migrating from product-based business models to service-based models. This has become more common in recent years due to the realization that recurring revenue is a more reliable and consistent form of business.
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Cloud migration made all the easier with Oracle Cloud Migration Services
Digital transformations are becoming more frequent as companies fight to stay up-to-date and above the competition. Cloud technology is integral to modern business processes and, with the right tool on hand, your company can benefit from the system upgrade.
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Reinforcing your supply chain with Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Management
Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions tap into four different factors that could enhance your supply chain processes: order management, manufacturing, inventory management and Internet of Things devices.