A person holding a phone with a digital cloud projection coming from it | Anthropic
Anthropic leverages Google’s Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference
Google has expanded its partnership with Anthropic, committing to the highest standards of AI security and safety, and will allow Anthropic to leverage the latest generation Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference.
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the previous week of October.
image of diver in ocean looking at coral and fish | Cognizant Ocean
How Cognizant Ocean is adding more blue to our world with AI
In June, Cognizant announced its new business group, Cognizant Ocean. In this q&a, Stig Martin delves deeper into Cognizant's new business.
image of Deloitte building / Deloitte and Google Public Sector expand partnership to help government
Deloitte and Google Public Sector expand partnership to aid government
Deloitte and Google Public Sector's three main aims are enhancing constituent engagement, geospatial scenario planning and monitoring and Advanced data analytics.
Google Could Next London Keynote - GenAI
Brit brands Gymshark, Unilever are getting ‘appy with Google Cloud GenAI
As Google turned 25 years old, Google Cloud Next London took place at Tobacco Dock, with an expanding list of UK customer GenAI innovations.
A robotic figure captured in a mid-running motion | AI
Race for the prize: An update on the AI race as ChatGPT speeds ahead
All vendors bring distinctive value propositions to enterprises - choose wisely or find yourself obsolete in the age of AI!
A robot trying to work CHATGPT and it has caught on fire.
How to avoid a ChatGPT catastrophe
Generative AI models such as ChatGPT give much debate around their potential to transform our everyday lives. But what about in an enterprise environment?
A picture of legos built into a sphere.
How Kubernetes is steering ERP cloud deployments
For many people, the real age of cloud composability started just less than a decade ago with the birth of Kubernetes in 2014.
image of Google sign on building/Google adresses concerns about lack of AI regulation
Google addresses concerns about lack of AI regulation
AI is developing at a rapid rate, which has raised concerns about its lack of restrictions. Because of this, Google has been having early conversations with the EU about implementing AI regulation. 
SAP Sapphire Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
SAP innovation sweep at Sapphire with AI, Green Ledger and Accenture partnership
SAP has unveiled a wide range of new developments at this year’s Sapphire event, including SAP Business AI, Green Ledger and an Accenture collaboration.
abstract computer image 3D render | Deloitte ASG
SAP and Google expand partnership to build open data and AI
Businesses will be able to view their entire data estates in real time and maximize value from their Google Cloud and SAP software investments. 
Chatgpt Salesforce
Salesforce first to sell ChatGPT, promising IP safety
ChatGPT hype sees Salesforce launch Einstein GPT, billed as the "world’s first generative AI CRM technology."
image of delivery driver on Moped | Uber and Google
Uber unlocks the power of cloud, AI and edge with Google
Google and Uber have expanded their partnership to support Uber’s modernization of its data cloud infrastructure and reimagine the customer experience for users, drivers, and merchants.
Bard for business? Google enters the chatbot game
Google has entered the AI chatbot arena with Bard, an artificial intelligence search tool. What does it mean for enterprise?
Google financial results Q4
All of a Flutter: Why leaders must invest in Google’s UI tool
Why software development team leaders need to prioritize Flutter, Google’s multi-platform, open source, UI framework.
Google focused on AI as Q4 results miss targets
Google missed expectations in their Q4 financial results with advertising revenue down. Google Cloud has halved losses, and investment in AI has been announced.
Google Meta
Meta and Google fined. Who’s next in the data scandal saga?
It was only last year that Google was caught red handed over a data handling scandal, now Meta too has been fined. Who will be next in this big tech data saga, and what does this mean for enterprise technology?
Doctor_BOT NHS
Doctor Bot, curing the NHS backlog?
Technologists are out to heal the deficit in NHS resources, creating battalions of digital workers to bolster the front lines with intelligent automation. Neeti Mehta Shukla and Tremaine Richard-Noel are leading the charge.
How AI is turning issues into opportunities
AI transformation varies by region. Can enterprise keep up with the changing tech? SAP's Ulf Brackmann discusses.
Electric Sheep: The two-horse race in AI
Which company is the Switzerland of AI? Why have AWS and Microsoft failed? Who is leading in artificial intelligence? Find out with Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research.
Renault Group steers new innovations with Google
Google and Renault Group have expanded their partnership, accelerating Renault’s digitalization and the digital architecture for the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV).
Crypto hedge bet? Google combines Coinbase into Cloud | Google and Coinbase
Crypto hedge bet? Google combines Coinbase into Cloud
Cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has selected Google Cloud as a strategic cloud provider, in a move touted as one driving Web3 innovation and development. The news comes after Google's recent partnership with the blockchain arm of embattled crypto service Binance.
image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Bharti Airtel and Google Cloud join to deliver cloud solutions to India
Google Cloud losses continue in latest Q2 earnings report
Google parent company, Alphabet, reports lowered profits for consecutive quarters, despite overall revenue increasing for the business. Google Cloud sales continue to miss profit estimates, with growing losses of $858m in Q2, despite revenue increasing to $6.2bn for the division.
SAP moves first to control costs in wake of economic uncertainty
A certain existential crisis of the employee sort has been spreading across enterprise as of late. Microsoft announced small layoffs as part of a business realignment this week, while a staff-wide email on Tuesday from Google's CEO warned employees of consolidation due to the “uncertain global economic outlook.”
image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Bharti Airtel and Google Cloud join to deliver cloud solutions to India
Google Cloud and SAP expand partnership
Google Cloud and SAP are expanding their partnership and have unveiled new integrations between Google Workspace and SAP’s flagship cloud ERP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Workday at Google: a ‘cloud-based people system’
Almost everyone has had a tough job that they really found hard to cope with on a professional level at some point in their lifetime. In those kinds of roles, the Human Resources (HR) function can feel like quite an...
Google deepens investment in Workday
Google has strengthened its partnership with Workday by investing in additional Workday products to support its global workforce. Google has subscribed to Workday Adaptive Planning, Workday Extend, Workday Prism Analytics and Workday Strategic Sourcing. As part of its ongoing investment...
The cloud goes Vertical
The backdrop – commercial elasticity and the demand for workloads. The cloud has been one of, if not the, most transformative IT innovations in the short history of the IT discipline. The ability to convert CAPEX into OPEX has an irresistible lure to enterprises in a pandemic world more than ever.
Retail 2.5
Imagine a world where everything that you assumed as ‘business as usual’ just stopped. Really... just stopped...
A commitment to collaboration and circularity can spur a green recovery
Like many of you, it’s been months since I’ve sat in a conference room, debating and discussing business...