SAP moves first to control costs in wake of economic uncertainty
A certain existential crisis of the employee sort has been spreading across enterprise as of late. Microsoft announced small layoffs as part of a business realignment this week, while a staff-wide email on Tuesday from Google's CEO warned employees of consolidation due to the “uncertain global economic outlook.”
Google Cloud and SAP expand partnership
Google Cloud and SAP are expanding their partnership and have unveiled new integrations between Google Workspace and SAP’s flagship cloud ERP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Workday at Google: a ‘cloud-based people system’
Almost everyone has had a tough job that they really found hard to cope with on a professional level at some point in their lifetime. In those kinds of roles, the Human Resources (HR) function can feel like quite an...
Google deepens investment in Workday
Google has strengthened its partnership with Workday by investing in additional Workday products to support its global workforce. Google has subscribed to Workday Adaptive Planning, Workday Extend, Workday Prism Analytics and Workday Strategic Sourcing. As part of its ongoing investment...
The cloud goes Vertical
The backdrop – commercial elasticity and the demand for workloads. The cloud has been one of, if not the, most transformative IT innovations in the short history of the IT discipline. The ability to convert CAPEX into OPEX has an irresistible lure to enterprises in a pandemic world more than ever.
Retail 2.5
Imagine a world where everything that you assumed as ‘business as usual’ just stopped. Really... just stopped...
A commitment to collaboration and circularity can spur a green recovery
Like many of you, it’s been months since I’ve sat in a conference room, debating and discussing business...
Standardisation of data best practice in data migration
The world’s most valuable resource is data. The five most valuable companies in the world, Google...
Is this the reckoning humanity needed?
t’s obvious to conclude that humanity doesn’t work. Our purpose in this world seems unclear and we have stumbled from century to century without direction or reason. Like a rudderless ship cast into the vast oceans, we have tried many ideas over several thousand years and none have delivered peace, purpose or paradise.