Dark tunnel half full with trucks and lorries | Connected Operations Cloud Samsara
Samsara snags Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award for Commercial Telematics solutions
Frost & Sullivan say Samsara snagged the award by solving key industry problems via a versatile product range, along with its work as part of the Connected Operations Cloud.
image of Sanjit Biswas, CEO and co-founder of Samsara | Samsara Q3
Samsara surpasses $1bn in ARR with strong Q3 24 results
Samsara has reported its financial results for Q3 for fiscal year 2024, ending October 28, 2023. The company reported revenue growth of 40 percent year-on-year (YoY) rising to $237.5m compared to Q3 FY23 of $169.8m.
A yellow road sign with the words 'slowly please' across the front of its diamond-shaped face, in the background is a lush forest | Brake Samsara
Samsara supports drive for road safety charity Brake
Samsara announced it has become a supporting member of Brake, a road safety charity. Its recent support will help a drive to reduce road injuries, assist people affected by road incidents and campaign for safer roads. 
A close up of a hand shake between two people with a stark, white brick background | Samsara City of Houston
Samsara adds the City of Houston to its list of 2023 public sector partnerships
Samsara has announced it has been selected by the City of Houston to digitize its operations, with aims to help increase service transparency and sustainability, improve community safety and take data-informed actions.
Top-down view of trucks in a depot, half covered in snow | Samsara privacy
AI can revolutionize physical operations, but could come at the cost of privacy
New Samsara data reveals how AI is presenting opportunities for improved road safety and upskilling of the UK's driver workforce, but could come at the cost of driver privacy.
McKinsey and DHL navigating fleet sustainability with Samsara
With sustainability climbing further on agendas, industries like transportation are facing the significant impact of their operations.
Stacks of old folder filled with paper piled on top of each other precariously | Physical operations Samsara
Physical operations firms push paper to go the way of the dodo
Despite all the digital advances made in just about every other business vertical, firms that operate in physical operations have doggedly clung on to manual processes. However, all that's changing. And fast.
Samsara listed for UK’s best SME tech workplaces
Global surveyor of workplace culture vote Samsara workplaces as one of the best in the UK tech industry for 2023.
Sanjit Biswas Samsara CEO | Samsara
Samsara sees Internet of “Wins” amid Q2 customer growth
Samsara has revealed its Q2 results demonstrating higher revenue and cash-flow positivity as customers continue to bet on its IoT platform.
People pointing at report | Samsara Inc research report reskill workers
Samsara research reveals operations leaders want to develop existing workers
Samsara research reveals operations leaders want to develop existing workers Samsara has released new research that shows 56 percent of physical operations leaders in the UK and Ireland want to use new technologies to train, upskill and reskill existing employees....
hands use phone
“Smart” FSM: from SAP to Samsara, Apple to Android
For field or off-site workers in physical operations, using connected devices such as smartphones or tablets is a relatively new concept.
image of green electric vehicle charging point | electric vehicles
Samsara reveals electric vehicles to drive future enterprise operations
Samsara has announced new research revealing that over half (55 percent) of physical operations leaders surveyed in the UK and Ireland could have a hybrid or electric fleet by 2025, rising from 42 percent currently.
Blue touch screen memory board with cloud and lock emoji buttons. Physical
The physical world is hungry for digital transformation
Samsara reveals that physical and technological shifts are underway, from autonomous vehicles and AI, to alternative energies and robotics.
profile pictures of business women around text: Best Workplaces for Women. Great place to work UK 2023 | Samsara
Samsara named a best workplace for women of the year in the UK
Samsara has recently been recognized as a 2023 UK best workplace for women by Great Place To Work, a company helping organizations to create high-performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued.
person in front of screen
Into Samsara’s new wares – what’s the ERP hook beyond IoT?
June ended with Samsara Beyond, Samsara's flagship event and a big one in the Internet of Things (IoT) calendar.
image of chief product officer Jeffrey Hausman
Paving the reimagined road with Samsara’s CPO
According to Samsara chief product officer Jeffrey Hausman, the world of operations is a significantly underserved sector regarding connectivity.
image of Sanjit Biswas, CEO and co-founder of Samsara | Samsara Q3
Samsara Q1 bags 40 percent growth for third consecutive quarter
The total Q1 revenue added up to $204.3 million, which is an impressive 43 percent Year-over-year (YoY) increase. 
Samsara's SOCO
Samsara’s SOCO report reveals a transformative decade ahead in physical operations
Samsara has released its latest State of Connected Operations (SOCO) report which highlights the priorities that leaders in connected operations are problem solving with technology.
aerial image of Lorries | Samsara and Motormax
Samsara and Motormax join forces to drive new safety measures
Samsara has entered into a strategic partnership with UK-based fleet safety solutions provider, Motormax, to provide new levels of fleet vehicle safety.
image of Sanjit Biswas, CEO and co-founder of Samsara | Samsara Q3
Samsara swings highest quarter in three years with headcount swell
Samsara has announced its fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2023 financial results, reporting quarterly growth at its highest in three years and a 40 percent headcount swell.
How Samsara is changing transportation with data
How Samsara is using a data driven approach to amass marginal gains on an industry-wide scale.
autonomous vehicle
Race for autonomous vehicles must not lose sight of drivers
The UK government has given the green light for the roll-out of self-driving autonomous vehicles (AVs) in a move that could, in time, completely revolutionise the way people and goods travel by road.
Samsara financial results - Sanjit Biswas CEO | Samsara Q2
Samsara reports strong earnings and 47 percent year-on-year growth
Samsara has announced its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2023, indicating a slowing in growth for the firm.
Samsara financial results - Sanjit Biswas CEO | Samsara Q2
Samsara bolsters enterprise weight with Q2 results
Samsara has announced its Q2 fiscal 2023 financial results. The report indicates a strong quarter of growth at scale, as the company surpassed $660m of annual recurring revenue, growing more than 50 percent YoY.
image of Sanjit Biswas, CEO and co-founder of Samsara | Samsara Q3
Samsara reveals strong revenue growth and new innovations
Samsara has reported financial results for Q1 2023 ended 30 April 2022, revealing year-on-year revenue growth of 63 percent to $142.6m. The pioneer of the connected operations cloud reported annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $607.2m, representing 59 percent year-on-year growth,...